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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Jul-2013p-adic Verification of Class Number ComputationsZhang, Yinan
29-Aug-2014The p-index: theory and applicationsSenanayake, Upul Chathuranga Bandara
1937P.E. Strzelecki, Australian explorer, 1797-1873.Heney, Helen, 1907-; Faculty of Arts
Nov-2012P.I.E.L. Survey Application ManualJessup, Glenda M; Bian, Steve; Chen, Yu-Wei; Bundy, Anita
13-Jul-2015p39R861-4, a type 2 A/C2 plasmid carrying a segment from the A/C1 RA1Anantham, S; Harmer, Christopher J; Hall, Ruth M
2003p53 mutations in cultured malignant cells and oral cancers detected in extracted DNA and in situ, investigated by the polymerase chain reactionLow, Eva Oi Wha; Faculty of Dentistry
1996p53 presentation and other prognostic indicators in oral squamous cell carcinomaMaloof, Frances Rita; Faculty of Dentistry
22-Aug-2013P53 responses to fludarabine in human B-lymphoid cancersAl Mazi, Juhura Gania
28-Feb-2017PACAP and its receptor in the brain of SIDS and after hypoxia and nicotine exposuresHuang, Jessica
2002Pachomius as Discovered in the Worlds of 4th Century Christian Egypt, Pachomian Literature and Pachomian Monasticism: A Figure of History or Hagiography?Drayton, James Michael
1986The Pacific cable : a study of the 'connectional history' of Australia and Canada within the British Empire, 1872-1902Horgan, John J.
12-Jan-2017A Pacifist’s Point: William Warder Cadbury, His Mission in Canton, and Public Health Initiatives 1909–1937Gardner, Thomas Patrick; Department of History
2004Packaging curiosities : towards a grammar of three-dimensional spaceStenglin, Maree Kristen
25-Sep-2017Paediatric atopic dermatitis and treatment adherence: Exploring factors contributing to topical corticosteroid phobia as a contributor to poor treatment adherenceSmith, Saxon Donald
16-Aug-2017Paediatric cochlear implantation: studies that inform consentBirman, Catherine S
2009Paid Care Front Matter-
26-Jun-2017Paid to care: Women’s experiences in non-profit/NGO work in MalaysiaBandali, Alifa Zafirah
Aug-2001Paid work & parenting: Charting a new course for Australian familiesBuchanan, John; Thornthwaite, Louise
28-Sep-2018Pain and injury in adolescents and young adultsSwain, Michael