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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014O HAI GUYZ: between personal style bloggers, their readers, and modern fashion.Findlay, Rosie
6-May-2015Obama, Letterman, and the ā€˜Iā€™ WordBabones, Salvatore
28-Mar-2014Obesity and chronic disease prevention among old adults (55-74 years): An evidence overview and framework to inform policy and practiceEspinel, Paola; King, Lesley; Hector, Debra; Prevention Research Collaboration
2013Obesity and Diabetes: the Enemies WithinBrooks, Ben
16-Apr-2014Obesity and Insulin Resistance in AdolescentsHo, Man
20-Jun-2016Obesity and Vascular HealthNe, Jia Yi Anna
2012Obesity treatment for adults, adolescents and childrenCaterson, Ian; Finer, Nick; Baur, Louise A.; Steinbeck, Kate
24-Jan-2014Obesity, Iron and Young Women: Studies Investigating the Nutritional Implications of Excess Adiposity on Iron Status in Young WomenCheng, Hoi Lun
2-Mar-2017Object Tracking with Deep Learning and Swarm IntelligenceYeung, Henry Wing Fung
2001Objects and Contexts: Using relational image database construction and functionality to enhance the teaching and research of design historyJoseph, Frances
2011Objects, objectivity and idealism: Robert Brandom's analytic HegelianismMendelsohn, Joshua Aidan; Department of Philosophy
31-Mar-2014An observational study of swallowing rehabilitation intervention: characteristics of practice and outcomes of stroke survivorsVickers, Kathryn
17-May-2011Observations about the History of Critical Criminology in AustraliaCarrington, Kerry; Hogg, Russell; Sydney Institute of Criminology
2002Observations on a Case Study of Song Transmission and Preservation in Two Aboriginal Communities: Dilemmas of a 'Neo-colonialist' in the FieldMarsh, Kathryn
1989Observations on oral health and the oral care systemTaylor, C. E; Faculty of Dentistry
1972Observations on the human masticatory apparatus in its dentulous and edentulous states in respect to the total and functional mobility of the mandibleHaque, Ijaz-Ul-; Faculty of Dentistry
30-Mar-2016Observer Performance Factors Influencing Breast Cancer Detection in MammographySuleiman, Wasfi
20-Sep-2016Obsession With Brilliance: Masculinities And Creativity In Transnational Advertising AgenciesPriday, Paul Andrew Brian
2015Obstetric anal sphincter injury rates among primiparous women with different modes of vaginal deliveryAmpt, Amanda J; Patterson, Jillian A; Roberts, Christine L; Ford, Jane B