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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013K-pop and Authoritarianism: Political Histories and Aesthetic Reflections in South KoreaPerkovic, Daniel
31-Mar-2011Kalman-filter-based EEG source localizationBarton, Matthew
5-Oct-2016Kamlet-Taft Solvation Parameters of Solvate Ionic LiquidsDolan, Andrew; Sherman, Dylan; Atkin, Rob; Warr, Gregory
1960Kampung LolohanMariam
31-Mar-2017Kangaroo Island Propolis: Improved Characterisation and Assessment of Chemistry and Botanical Origins through MetabolomicsKing, Douglas Iain
8-Mar-2019Karama means dignity: Ecological factors affecting adaptation to displacement among Syrian refugees living in JordanRuth, Wells
21-Jan-2010Karen indigenous music and dance learning in an Australian non-formal context: A case study in maintenance and transmissionHtoo, Peter Saw
KarteDerEingebornenSprachenVonAustralien.tif.jpg1912Karte der Eingebornen-Sprachen von Australien-
2001Kathakali: A study of the aesthetic processes of popular spectators and elitist appreciators engaging with performances in KeralaGlynn, John Charles
1-Dec-2015The Kähler-Ricci Flow on Riemann SurfacesNakhoul, John
1957Kedudukan pemimpin didalam masjarakat desaSoedjito Sosrodhardjo
2007Keeping house for different masters : history, heritage and house museums in AustraliaWong, Anna
2016Keeping it real: experimental game theory and social ontologyChivers, Carmela Caira; Department of Political Economy
1990Keeping the conversation going : a systemic-functional analysis of conversational structure in casual sustaine talkEggins, Suzanne
7-Apr-2016'Keeping the Home Fires Burning?: British Female Settlers’ Conceptions of Home and Belonging in Colonial India, Van Diemen’s Land and Western Australia, 1826-1860'Berry, Felicity Grace
2017Keepsakes and surrogates: hijacking music technology at Wadeye (northwest Australia)Barwick, Linda; Sydney Conservatorium of Music
1960Kehidupan anak Panti Asuhan Jatim Piatu Jajasan Harapan di TasikmalajaBarnas
15-Mar-2011Keith Stirling : An introduction to his life and examination of his musicAyrton, Brook Alan
Jan-2001Kennett's industrial relations legacy: the impact of deregulation on earnings in VictoriaWatson, Ian