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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1969The Jabuduruwa : a study of the structure of rite and myth in an Australian Aboriginal religious cult on the Beswick Reserve, Northern TerritoryMaddock, Kenneth, 1937-
Jan-1994Jacob Viner and the History of Economic ThoughtGroenewegen, Peter; Economics
cosmepic22.tif.jpg20-Mar-2006James (Jim) Sime (weaver, from western Queensland, sailed on the Royal tar from Sydney 16/07/1893)-
Nov-2012Japan be Number One Internationalism and History of Japanese Diplomacy, 1853-2006Ishii, Noriyuki; Department of History
1992The Japanese Experience with Urban Private Rail Companies: Idiosyncratic or Exemplary?Shoji, K.
2005Japanese Experiences With Public And Private Sectors In Urban RailwaysShoji, Kenichi
2019The Jarash City Walls Project: Excavations 2001 – 2003: Final ReportKehrberg-Ostrasz, Ina; Manley, John
Mar-2015The Javanese self in portraiture from 1880-1955Cox, Matthew Jon
2005Jaw Movements During Prescribed And Visually Directed Tasks In Asymptomatic And Tmd SubjectsKrupalini, Dr; Faculty of Dentistry
1998Jean-Marie Collot d'Herbois dans son Théâtre PrérévolutionnaireBruce, Peter, 1946-; Dept. of French Studies, Faculty of Arts.
31-Dec-2016Jebel Khalid, Syria in the Hellenistic Period: A Zooarchaeological AnalysisWesselingh, Karyn Maree
11-Jun-2013Jekyll and Hyde approach to painting: the antagonistic strategy in contemporary abstract paintingAh Kuoi, Michelle
2007Jellyfish HouseIwamoto, Lisa; Scott, Craig
1-Mar-2006Jenny Lane, other women and children (JL seated)-
17-May-2011Jeopardising Justice for What? Keeping Sentence Indications in VictoriaFlynn, Asher; Sydney Institute of Criminology
Dec-2015JERAA@40: Towards a history of the professional association of Australian journalism academicsO'Donnell, Penny; Margaret, Van Heekeren
10-Jan-2019Jet nebulization of bacteriophages with different tail morphologies – structural effectsLeung, Sharon SY; Carrigy, Nicholas B; Vehring, Reinhard; Finlay, Warren H; Morales, Sandra; Carter, Elizabeth A; Britton, Warwick J; Kutter, Elizabeth; Chan, Hak-Kim
2011The Jew of MaltaFitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
13-Sep-2010The Jewish Community In New South Wales 1914-1939Rutland, Suzanne D.
29-Dec-2016Jews of the Outback: Jewish Settlement in Broken HillMannix, Katherine