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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jun-2019G-20: Donald Trump Just Saved Huawei (But The Trade War Isn’t Over)Babones, Salvatore
30-Aug-2013G-protein coupling & subunit requirements in Ca2+ signallingGoolam, Mahvash
1989G. E. Peacock and art in colonial Sydney, 1837-1857Darby, Garry
1992The Gaagudju people and their languageHarvey, Mark
3-May-2016Gaba Binggi (Good Needles): Developing an understanding of how two Aboriginal* communities see and experience immunisation during pregnancyCreighton, Amy Rose
31-Aug-2018Gadolinium(III) Complexes as Potential TheranosticsHall, Andrew
24-Mar-2016Galactic Archaeology with Resolved Stellar Populations in the Local Group: From Building Blocks to OblivionMcMonigal, Brendan
14-Jul-2016Galactic Colonisation: General Relativistic Interstellar Trajectory OptimisationFung, Kenneth Ka Ho
Jun-2014The Galactic ecosystem: Outflow and infall in the halo of the Milky WayMoss, Vanessa
19-Sep-2014Galant and grotesque aesthetics in the musical language of Haydn's cello concerti: cello concerto in C major (c1765), cello concerto in D major (c1783)Lojewski, Mee Na Manon
Jul-2014Galapagos threatened by tropical fire ant invasionWauters, Nina; Dekoninck, Wouter; Martin Cerezo, Maria Luisa; Herrera, Henri; Fournier, Denis
FoS_078.TIF.jpg11-Mar-1963The gamble of the century-
31-Mar-2014Gambling risk perception and decision makingSpurrier, Michael
1-Apr-2019Game Drives of the Aralo-Caspian RegionYagodin, Vadim N.; van Pelt, Paul; Betts, Alison
2013Game engines as prehension of incomputable data: the processual effectivities of game engines.Charrieras, Damien
2007Game history, Content, Practice and LawFitzgerald, Brian; Humphreys, Sal; Banks, John; Suzor, Nicolas
1-Oct-2017Game on: Comparison of demographic profiles, consumption behaviours, and gambling site selection criteria of esports and sports bettorsGainsbury, Sally M.; Abarbanel, Brett; Blaszczynski, Alex
Jul-2014Gamergate controls dopamine levels of workers in <i>Diacamma</i> sp.Shimoji, Hiroyuki; Aonuma, Hitoshi; Abe, Masato S.; Tsuji, Kazuki; Miura, Toru; Okada, Yasukazu
Mar-2018Gamification in transport interventions: Another way to improve travel behavioural changeYen, Barbara T.H.; Mulley, Corinne; Burke, Matthew; ITLS
2013Gamma-polynomials of flag homology spheresAisbett, Natalie