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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014e-Learning in Campus-based Blended Language Learning Environments: University Teacher and Student Perceptions and ExperiencesAn, Irene Shidong
2006E-MELD and the School of Best Practices: an ongoing community effortBoynton, Jessica; Moran, Steve; Aristar, Anthony; Aristar-Dry, Helen
2012The e-portfolio continuum: Discovering variables for e-portfolio adoption within music educationTaylor, John; Dunbar-Hall, Peter; Rowley, Jennifer; Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Music Education Unit
2008e-Research and JurisdictionMiddleton, Gaye
Mar-2011E-texts in research projects in the humanitiesSukovic, Suzana
2001The EAGLES/ISLE initiative for setting standards: the Computational Lexicon Working Group for Multilingual LexiconsCalzolari, Nicoletta; Zampolli, Antonio
6-Jun-2016Ear Exciting Exciter Final ReviewBechara, Matthew
2013Ear in the cloud: acoustical accidents and clouded texts in Stelarc's internet ear.Søndergaard, Morten
FoS_155.TIF.jpg24-Aug-1964An ear to the ground-
1999The early and late effects of low level laser irradiation on human osteosarcoma cellsHo, Cheung-tak Gareth; Faculty of Dentistry
2001Early Archaean crustal evolution: evidence from ~3.5million year old greenstone successions in the Pilgangoora Belt, Pilbara Craton, AustraliaGreen, Michael Godfrey
29-Mar-2009Early Buddhist dhammakāya: Its philosophical and soteriological significanceJantrasrisalai, Chanida
1970The early career of John Dunmore Lang 1823-1840 : its relationship to his increasing participation in public affairs and his growing conviction to be active in this area of political and social matters : the relation of this to his theology and to him idea of the role of a clergyman in society.Wansbrough, John Howard.; Faculty of Arts
8-Apr-2016Early Caregiving and Child Executive Function: Examining Preschool-aged Children with Prior MaltreatmentFay-Stammbach, Tracey Leigh
2014Early contact with palliative care services: A randomised trial in patients with newly detected incurable metastatic cancerTattersall, MHN; Martin, A; Devine, R; Ryan, J; Jansen, J; Hastings, L; Boyer, M; Glare, P; Stockler, M; Butow, PN
1997Early discharge: What are the effects of programmes targeted at elderly orthopaedic patients?Taylor-Riley, Xanthe; Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health
1980The early history of sex education, 1890-1930Farrow, Richard; Faculty of Arts
31-Aug-2014Early identification of cognitive deficits in young children with neurofibromatosis type 1Lorenzo, Jennifer
2013Early Japanese Urbanism: A Study of the Urbanism of Proto-historic Japan and Continuities from the Yayoi to the Asuka Periods.Brooks, Timothy; Department of Archaeology