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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Apr-2015The A to Z of A/C PlasmidsHarmer, Christopher J; Hall, Ruth M
4-May-2009Abajo el puente: place and the politics of progress in Santo DomingoTaylor, Erin B
7-Oct-2013Abandoning clinical trial safeguards won’t boost local industryKomesaroff, P; Thomson, C; Kerridge, I
26-Jun-2018Aberrant MicroRNA Expression in Malignant Pleural MesotheliomaWilliams, Marissa
Feb-2019Abnaa’u Marj el-Zhour: Lebanese Migration and Citizenship in WollongongBaghdadi, Fadi
Jul-2014Abnormal Behavior of Honeybee Workers Due to Contamination of ImidaclopridYang, En-Cheng; Chang, Hui-Chun; Chuang, Yu-Cheng
28-Sep-2018Abnormal Glucose Tolerance in Cystic Fibrosis and the Role of Low Glycaemic Index DietsArmaghanian, Natasha
12-Feb-2014Aboriginal CosmologyDianne, Johnson
11-Aug-2009Aboriginal fathers / fathers roles: Are they recognised in Australia's contemporary society?Maslen, Phil; Yooroang Garang: School of Indigenous Health Studies
2005Aboriginal fathers / fathers' roles: Are they recognised in Australia's contemporary society?Maslen, Phil; Indigenous Heath Studies
19-Feb-2014Aboriginal fishing rights on the New South Wales South Coast: a Court CaseCane, Scott
Apr-2017The Aboriginal FlagGallois, Matthieu Marie Claude
2011Aboriginal Glass Artefacts of the Sydney RegionGoward, Tamika; Department of Archaeology
26-Oct-2006Aboriginal health over two decades 1986-2005: the highs and lowsEades, Sandra
2000Aboriginal health workers: Role, recognition, racism and horizontal violence in the workplaceWinsor-Dahlstrom, Josephine; Indigenous Heath Studies
26-Nov-2012Aboriginal Professionals: Work, Class, CultureLahn, Julie; Sociology and Social Policy
Nov-2003The Aboriginal Rural Education Program in Teacher Education at the University of Western SydneyMason, Terry; Reid, Carol; Perry, Bob
1992Aboriginal songs from the Bundjalung and Gidabal areas of South-Eastern AustraliaGummow, Margaret Jane.
12-Mar-2018Aboriginal Stories of Victoria Park: Negotiation, consultation and engagement. Navigating design consultation on colonised and contested urban landBurgess, Anne
1-Jul-2010Aboriginal Women Against Violence Project Evaluation ReportRawsthorne, Margot; with Alice Chivell, with Alison Smith