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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2014Long-term Deformations in Prestressed Concrete Box Girder BridgesDoan, Trung Van
15-Mar-2019Long-term impact and effectiveness of vaccines on invasive pneumococcal disease in Australian childrenWadanambi Arachchige, Sanjay Harsha Jayasinghe
20-Oct-2014Long-term incidence of visual impairment in older persons: associated factors, burden and impactsHong, Thomas Hai Le
31-Aug-2015Long-term Informative Path Planning with Autonomous SoaringNguyen, Joseph Luan
26-Sep-2013Long-term memory in children with epilepsyGascoigne, Michael
19-Jun-2014Long-term outcomes of cataract surgery: visual acuity, survival, and incidence and progression of ocular pathologyFong, Sze-un Calvin
2014Long-term outcomes of risk-reducing surgery in unaffected women at increased familial risk of breast and/or ovarian cancerHeiniger, L; Butow, PN; Coll, J; Bullen, T; Wilson, J; Baylock, B; Meiser, B; Price, MA; kConFab Psychosocial Group on behalf of the kConFab Investigators
13-May-2018Long-term stagnation in Uttar Pradesh is Modi’s biggest challenge ahead of India’s 2019 electionsBabones, Salvatore
2007Long-term trends in modal share for urban passenger travelCosgrove, David; Gargett, David
2004Longing to belong : trained actors' attempts to enter the professionMoore, Paul
26-Jun-2008Longing to Belong: Trained Actors’ Attempts to Enter the ProfessionMoore, Paul
Feb-2017A longitudinal four-dimensional computed tomography and cone beam computed tomography dataset for image-guided radiation therapy research in lung cancer.Hugo, G; Weiss, E; Sleeman, W; Balik, S; Keall, P; Lu, J; Williamson, J
2013Longitudinal integrated rural placements: a social learning systems perspectiveDaly, Michele; Roberts, Chris; Kumar, Koshila; Perkins, David
1-Apr-2015A longitudinal proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study investigating oxidative stress as a result of alcohol and tobacco use in youth with bipolar disorderChitty, Kate M.; Lagopoulos, Jim; Hickie, Ian B.; Hermens, Daniel F.; Discipline of Pharmacology
1986The longitudinal stability of a tethered rotary-winged aircraftRye, David Charles
30-Jul-2007A longitudinal study of brain structure in the early stages of schizophreniaWhitford, Thomas James
25-Feb-2008A Longitudinal Study of NgarrindjeriBannister, Corinne
Mar-2005Longitudinal study of OJD and the effects of whole flock vaccination with Gudair : whole flock OJD vaccination at Merrill.Windsor, Peter
15-May-2013A Longitudinal Study on the Linkage between Public Transport Demand and Land Use Characteristics: A Pseudo Panel ApproachTsai, Chi-Hong