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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2006A Linguistic Analysis of Some Japanese Trademark CasesOkawara, Mami Hiraike
1998A Linguistic Characterisation of Design in Text-Based Virtual WorldsCicognani, Anna
6-Jun-2017The linguistic construction of business reasoning: Towards a language-based model of decision-making in undergraduate businessSzenes, Eszter
2013Linguistic scholarship in the data-driven 21st centuryMusgrave, Simon; Hajek, John; Monash University, University of Melbourne
9-Jan-2014The link between Fungal nutrition and Fungal PhenotypeLIU, Qi
13-Sep-2018Link-based Full Cost Analysis of TravelCui, Mengying; Levinson, David
15-Jul-2015Linkage of four administrative datasets to examine blood transfusion in pregnancyPatterson, Jillian A.; Ford, Jane B.; Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney, NSW Australia
10-Oct-2016Linkage rate between NSW Perinatal Data Collection birth records and government school NAPLAN educational records, by gestational age at birthHennessy, Daneeta; Torvaldsen, Siranda; Roberts, Christine L.
2014Linking birth records to hospital admission records enhances the identification of women who smoke during pregnancyTran, Duong Thuy; Roberts, Christine L.; Havard, Alys; Jorm, Louisa R
16-Aug-2013Linking deep Earth structure and surface topography through geodynamic modelsShephard, Grace
Jul-2014Linking development with worker behaviors using RNAseq and gene manipulationsSchulte, Christina
2014Linking Discrete Choice to Continuous Demand in a Spatial Computable General Equilibrium ModelTruong, Truong P.; Hensher, David A.
Aug-2014Linking Discrete Choice to Continuous Demand in a Spatial Computable General Equilibrium ModelTruong, Truong P.; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
Jan-2012Linking discrete choice to continuous demand within the framework of a computable general equilibrium model for the analysis of wider economic impacts of transport investment projectsTruong, Truong P.; Hensher, David A.; ITLS
8-Jan-2014Linking named entities to WikipediaRadford, William Edward John
1992The linking of a Brånemark implant to a natural toothViljoen, André John; Faculty of Dentistry
Jan-2012Linking the evidence: intermediate outcomes in medical test assessmentsStaub, Lukas P; Dyer, Suzanne; Lord, Sarah J; Simes, R John
1986Lip Profile A Cephalometric Soft-Tissue StudyHoesin, Faruk; Faculty of Dentistry
28-Mar-2014Lipid analogues as potential drugs for the regulation of mitochondrial cell deathMurray, Michael; Dyari, Herryawan Ryadi Eziwar; Allison, Sarah E; Rawling, Tristan; Discipline of Pharmacology
18-May-2015Lipid metabolism and storage in the microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiGoold, Hugh Douglas