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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
FoS_178.TIF.jpg11-Feb-1965Life in the computer age-
31-Mar-2013Life on the Edge: Population and Behavioural Responses of the Native Bush Rat to Invasive Species at the Urban EdgeGleen, Wendy
19-Jun-2014LiFE participant's manual - prelimsClemson, Lindy; Munro, Jo; Fiatarone Singh, Maria
18-Feb-2016Life Satisfaction of Neurotypical Women in Intimate Relationship With a Partner Who Has Asperger’s Syndrome: An Exploratory StudyBostock-Ling, Jennifer
Jul-2014Life strategy of honeybee larvae orphaned at different ageKuszewska, Karolina; Woyciechowski, Michal
19-Jun-2014LiFE trainer's manual - prelimsClemson, Lindy; Munro, Jo; Fiatarone Singh, Maria
Jun-2006Life under Siege: The Jews of Magdeburg under Nazi RuleAbrahams-Sprod, Michael E
30-Aug-2016A Life Worth Smiling About: Experiences of Young People with Neuromuscular Disease Participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s AwardFarid, Mariam
16-Jun-2017Life, Literature and Prayer in Early Anglo-Saxon EnglandVolkofsky, Imogen Clara
Jul-2014Life-history trades-offs and within-host competition in honeybee brood parasitesEvison, Sophie; Jensen, Annette; Hughes, William
2013Lifemirror.Case, Oliver
May-2013Lifetime risk and age of diagnosis of symptomatic knee osteoarthritis in the USLosina, Elena; Weinstein, Alexander M.; Reichmann, William M.; Burbine, Sara A.; Solomon, Daniel H.; Daigle, Meghan E.; Rome, Benjamin N.; Chen, Stephanie P.; Hunter, David J.; Suter, Lisa G.; Jordan, Joanne M.; Katz, Jeffrey N.
2011Lifting the Shroud: Government, Investment Banks and Power in Post Financial Crisis United Kingdom - A critical deconstruction of the relationship between government and investment banks in the United Kingdom post global financial crisis (2007 – 2011)Maheswaran, Sharangan; Department of Government and International Relations
26-Sep-2013The light and dark side of the Milky Way: from kinematics, through dynamics, to the mass of the dark matter haloKafle, Prajwal
Jul-2014Light-inducible transcriptomic and epigenomic changes underlying brain plasticity in honeybeesBecker, Nils; Kucharski, Robert; Foret, Sylvain; Maleszka, Ryszard; Roessler, Wolfgang
2007Light-weight ontologies for scrutable user modellingLum, Andrew Wai Kwong
24-Sep-2018Lighting the Way: Pedagogy, Creativity and the UnconsciousGreenwood, Nell
2010Lights, Camera, Accolade: Towards an Understanding of the Nature and Impacts of the Nobel Peace PrizeSwiatek, Lukasz; Department of Media and Communications
3-Jan-2017Lights, Camera, Actin: Divergent roles of beta- and gamma-cytoplasmic actin in vaccinia virus infectionMarzook, Noorul Bishara