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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2005Is school-based management (SBM) successful in Hong Kong secondary schools?Au, Loretta
Jul-2016Is semantic preview benefit due to relatedness or plausibility?Veldre, Aaron; Andrews, Sally
2008Is synthetic hexaploid wheat a useful germplasm source for increasing grain size and yield in bread wheat breeding?Talbot SJ; Ogbonnaya FC; Chalmers KJ; Mather DE
2-Mar-2015Is the Australian public ‘rational’ on foreign policy issues?Yarnell, Caroline Janet
12-Jun-2017Is the old NATO dead?Babones, Salvatore
30-Sep-2015Is the Russia-China Rapprochement a Sign of Strength or an Act of Desperation?Babones, Salvatore
26-Apr-2016Is the yuan safe?Babones, Salvatore
6-Aug-2015Is the “heart age” concept helpful or harmful compared to absolute cardiovascular disease risk? An experimental studyBonner, Carissa; Jansen, Jesse; Newell, Ben R.; Irwig, Les; Teixeira-Pinto, Armando; Glasziou, Paul; Doust, Jenny; McKinn, Shannon; McCaffery, Kirsten
Jul-2014Is there a coordination cost to cooperative transport?Buffin, Aurelie; Sasaki, Takao; Pratt, Stephen
2014Is there a problem with the status quo? Debating the need for standalone ethical guidelines for research with people who use alcohol and other drugsOlsen, A; Mooney-Somers, Julie
15-Apr-2010Is there an association between acute viral infection in the first year of life, atopy and lung function at age 5? An analysis of lung function data collected as part of the Childhood Asthma Study (CAS).Zosky, Graeme
2010Is there any Evidence of Rhoticity in Historical Australian English?Lonergan, John; Cox, Felicity
003.TIF.jpg25-Sep-1961Is there life on Venus?-
Oct-2010Is There Selection Bias in Laboratory Experiments?*Cleave, Blair L.; Nikiforakis, Nikos; Slonim, Robert; Discipline of Economics
Dec-2015Is This the Way to Palestine? Hamas and the Contested Road to StatehoodKear, Martin John
23-May-2017Is Trump's Asia policy working?Babones, Salvatore
Aug-2009Is ‘Compact City’ a sensible planning approach? Empirical evidence of cross perceptions of travel attitudes in British settlementsAditjandra, Paulus T.; Mulley, Corinne; Nelson, John D.; ITLS
8-Dec-2015IS26-Mediated Precise Excision of the IS26-aphA1a Translocatable UnitHarmer, Christopher J; Hall, Ruth M
Jul-2014Island communities in the context of global hyperdiversificationEconomo, Evan; Sarnat, Eli; Guenard, Benoit; Lecroq, Beatrice; Knowles, Lacey
24-Apr-2018The Island in Contemporary Art: a curatorial gazeHowden, Belinda Shirley