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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010An investigation into a cohesive method of teaching jazz harmony and improvisation to elective music students in secondary schools using the basic principals of chord-scale theoryForster, Raymond
31-Mar-2015An investigation into blood group genotype and phenotype: An evidence base for future strategies for donor and patient managementMcBEAN, Rhiannon Sarah
12-Aug-2013Investigation into developing reliable immobilisation protocol for use under varying environmental temperatures in estuarine and Australian freshwater crocodilesOlsson, Annabelle
1995Investigation into employee psychosocial needs as a factor of managerial developmentSmith, Deborah; Behavioural & Social Sciences in Health
27-Dec-2017An investigation into factors affecting breeding success in the Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)Russell, Tracey Catherine
31-Mar-2018Investigation into Highly Turbulent Flames with Compositionally Inhomogeneous InletsCutcher, Hugh
6-Jan-2015An investigation into how Aboriginal Medical Services contribute to childhood immunisationJoseph, Telphia-Leanne
30-Sep-2017Investigation into Nigel Butterley’s PentadGriffiths, Bryan Wayne
23-May-2013An investigation into representations of women in Iranian New Wave cinemaSheikhi Shoustari, Masoud
11-Dec-2012Investigation into Stability, Transition and Turbulence of Thermal PlumesHattori, Tae
1996An investigation into the buckling and postbuckling behaviour of hat-stiffened composite panelsFalzon, B. G. (Brian G.); Faculty of Engineering
1993An Investigation Into The Desirable Level Of Injection For Mandibular Anaesthesia By Comparison Of The Conventional Technique And A Higher Level Technique Utilising Extra-Oral LandmarksSilberstein, Guy; Faculty of Dentistry
1998An investigation into the effects of reciprocal teaching intervention as a means of developing the at-risk primary student's reading comprehension and metacognitive skills, mediated by motivational variablesLatimer, Lorraine, 1962-; Faculty of Education
14-Feb-2018Investigation into the Impact of Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity on the Proteome, and Post-Translational Modification Mediated Signalling in a Rodent ModelSmith, Lauren Elizabeth
30-Jun-2017An Investigation into the Molecular Genetics and Pathology of Cerebellar Abiotrophy in Australian Working Kelpie DogsPan, Ying-Hui Annie
Nov-2004An Investigation into the Policy for Urban Poverty Alleviation in Thailand Through the Study of Urban Slum CommunitiesSenanuch, Puchong
23-Nov-2018Investigation into the Production and Financial Impact of Internal Parasites in Beef Cattle on the Tablelands of New South Wales, AustraliaCarr, Amanda
29-Aug-2014An Investigation into the Significance and Effect of Bowel and Bladder Dysfunction on Personal Burden for People Who Have Parkinson’s DiseaseLawrence, Joanne Sara
31-Mar-2016An Investigation into Users’ Perceptions of Value Towards Telemedicine Systems Over TimeLemon, Christopher Arthur
Dec-2017Investigation of a transcription factor complex and intrinsically disordered proteinsCaldas, Vania Santos