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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Kinect-based RGB detection for 'smart' costume interaction.Calder, Lynsey; Magalhaes, Jose; Aylett, Ruth; Louchart, Sandy; Padilla, Stefano; Chantler, Mike; MacVea, Andrew
Mar-2015Kinematic and geodynamic evolution of the Western Tethys in a context of adjacent continents and ocean basinsHosseinpour Vazifehshenas, Maral
11-Aug-2017Kinematic Plate Models of the NeoproterozoicMerdith, Andrew
2004Kinematics and degenerative change in ligament-injured kneesScarvell, Jennifer
14-May-2014The kinematics of dense granular materials under indefinite plane-shearMiller, Thomas Craven
23-Nov-2007A Kinetic Approach to Soil Phosphorus Mobilisation By Inoculant BiofertiliserAhmed, Mohammad Faruque
4-May-2015Kinetic Estimation of GFR Improves Prediction of Dialysis and Recovery after Kidney TransplantationPianta, T. J.; Endre, Z. H.; Pickering, J. W.; Buckley, N. A.; Peake, P. W.; Discipline of Pharmacology
1994Kinetic study of carbon oxidationMa, Morgan Chen
2002Kinetics and modelling of low temperature lean combustion systemsJazbec, Melita; Department of Chemical Engineering
Aug-2008The Kinetics of Electrosterically Stabilized Emulsion Polymerization SystemsThickett, Stuart Craig Vincent
9-May-2013The Kinetics of Industrial Ammonia CombustionWarner, Maximilian
31-Aug-2015Kinetics of Magnesium Extraction from Activated Serpentine by Carbonic AcidZafaranloo, Ali
2011King Henry VFitzpatrick, Tim; Department of Performance Studies
2015The King is a Tree: Arboreal Metaphors in the Hebrew BibleHolloway, Simon
1981The kingdom of Nepal : an analysis of Hindu cultureKondos, Vivienne
24-Sep-2013Kingdom-Come: Eschatology and ApocalypseFrow, John
Oct-2015Kingsley Martin and Britain in the 1920s: The Crisis of DemocracyStael, Keith
4-Oct-2013Kink characterisation and modelling in transmembrane protein structuresWerner, Tim
2013KinOath Kinship Archiver Version 1.4Withers, Peter; The TLA Language Archive, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
2015KinOath Kinship Archiver: genealogical and social relationsWithers, Peter