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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Jun-2013Lab Report 2: Digital emulation of Tape DelayHopkins, Guy
10-May-2012Lab Report 2: Ring Modulation (Grant Cuthbert)Cuthbert, Grant
FFT_y.jpg.jpg18-Apr-2012Lab_report1_butterworth_filterGong, EunJu
1990Labor government in New South Wales, 1941 to 1965 : a study in longevity in governmentClune, David
1950The Labor movement in New South Wales and Victoria, 1830-1860Hume, Leonard John; University of Sydney, Photography Dept
9-Nov-2011Labor Pains. Early Conference and Executive Reports of the Labor Party of NSW. Volume 4 (1918-25)Hogan, Michael; Department of Government and International Relations
21-Nov-2011Labor Pains. Early Conference and Executive Reports of the Labor Party of NSW. Volume 5 (1926-39)Hogan, Michael; Department of Government and International Relations
1996Laboratory And Clinical Studies On The Treatment Of Candida-Associated Denture Stomatitis With Sodium Hypochlorite Or Microwave IrradiationWebb, Bettine Constance; Faculty of Dentistry
Aug-1996Laboratory and clinical studies on the treatment of candida-associated denture stomatitis with sodium hypochlorite or microwave irradiationWebb, Bettine Constance
1977A Laboratory Assessment Of The Cariostatic Potential Or Iron (Ii) And Iron (Iii) SaltsCraig, Graham George; Faculty of Dentistry
29-Sep-2015Laboratory diagnosis and identification of risk factors for severe acute viral respiratory infectionsKok, Jen
1969The laboratory examination of the properties of various elastics used in orthodonticsYu, King Man; Faculty of Dentistry
1991Laboratory Investigation Of A Modified Orthodontic Bracket BaseWard, Allan J.; Faculty of Dentistry
1980A Laboratory Investigation Of Orthodontic Plastic ModulesTaylor, Paul John; Faculty of Dentistry
1971A Laboratory Investigation Of The Bond Strengths Of Some Dental Cements Including Three Zinc Polycarboxylate CementsManning, M. F; Faculty of Dentistry
18-Apr-2012Laboratory Report No1 DarioRizoRizo Barbosa, Jose Dario
1993A Laboratory Study Of The Use Of A Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Coating In Extending The Life Of Temporary Soft LinersDominguez, Nanette E; Faculty of Dentistry
Sep-1976LABOUR DEMAND FUNCTIONS AND THE QUASI -FIXITY HYPOTHESIS Some Empirical Results for U.K. Manufacturing Industries 1963-1974Saunders, Peter; Department of Economics
Aug-1995Labour flexibility and workplace industrial relations: the Australian evidenceHarley, Bill
Apr-2002Labour Hire in Australia: Motivation, Dynamics and ProspectsHall, Richard