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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2014Influences of molecular profiles of biodiesels on atomization, combustion and emission characteristicsPham, Xuan Phuong
2-Jul-2014Influences on Competency Development in Speech Pathology StudentsSheepway, Lyndal
12-Jan-2015Influences on food and lifestyle choices for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: an Aboriginal perspectiveLawrence, Christopher Grant
2001Influences on the incidence of clinical deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in a prospectively collated population of 21,000 neurosurgical inpatientsSmith, Sarah Faith
1-Sep-2014Informal Care in New South Wales For Survivors of Severe NeurotraumaOates, Joanne
6-Sep-2011Informal Learning and teacher education students: Changing perceptions towards and educational paradigm shiftNehl, Tanya
14-Aug-2015Informal learnings? Young people’s informal learning of music in Australian and British schoolsLill, Athena Louise
Apr-1993The Information Content of the Yield Curve in AustraliaKarfakis, C.; Moschos, D.M.; Economics
2008Information discovery in ambiguous zones of researchSukovic, Suzana
31-Mar-2013Information Extraction from Radiology Reports for a Population Based Cancer RegistryNguyen, Hoang Minh Dung
14-Mar-2016Information for participants at The Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation Equine Welfare WorkshopMcGreevy, Paul; Berger, Jeannine; de Brauwere, Nic; Harrison, Anna; Fiedler, Julie; Jones, Claudia; McDonnell, Sue; McLean, Andrew; Doherty, Orla; Nicol, Christine; Preshaw, Leanne; Webster, John; Wolfensohn, Sarah; Yeates, James; Bidda, Jones
2010Information Interoperability, Government and Open StandardsFitzgerald, Anne; Pappalardo, Kylie
18-Jul-2011Information processing strategy application: A longitudinal study of typically developing preschool and school aged childrenStewart, Kirsty Susan
23-Jan-2017Information provision in cervical screening in AustraliaWilliams, Jane H; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, Lucie
Nov-2003Information Technology Across the Teacher Education Curriculum: More claims than evidenceLoughland, Tony; Meyenn, Bob
20-Oct-2008Information use in clinical practice: A case study of critical care nurses' enteral feeding decisionsMarshall, Andrea
2002Information-Theoretic Control of Multiple Sensor PlatformsGrocholsky, Ben
4-Feb-2010Informationist Science Fiction Theory and Informationist Science FictionLong, Bruce Raymond
2013Informatively missing quality of life and unmet needs sex data for immigrant and Anglo-Australian cancer patients and survivorsBell, ML; Butow, PN; Goldstein, D
3-Sep-2008Informed consent and medical ordeal: a qualitative studyLittle, M; Jordens, C; McGrath, C; Montgomery, K; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I