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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Mar-2017The influence of the online environment on risk taking: Internet gambling and Gambling DisorderGainsbury, Sally; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
1990The influence of the placement and removal of fixed orthodontic appliances on sensory detection threshold response of teeth as measured by an electric pulp testerKeogh, Grant Alexander; Faculty of Dentistry
31-Aug-2015The influence of topology and information diffusion on networked game dynamicsKasthurirathna, Dharshana Mahesh
15-Sep-2014Influences in the Social Worlds of Children of Mothers with Intellectual DisabilityCollings, Susan
2014Influences in the Social Worlds of Children of Mothers with Intellectual DisabilityCollings, Susan
29-Aug-2014Influences of molecular profiles of biodiesels on atomization, combustion and emission characteristicsPham, Xuan Phuong
2-Jul-2014Influences on Competency Development in Speech Pathology StudentsSheepway, Lyndal
12-Jan-2015Influences on food and lifestyle choices for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians: an Aboriginal perspectiveLawrence, Christopher Grant
2001Influences on the incidence of clinical deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in a prospectively collated population of 21,000 neurosurgical inpatientsSmith, Sarah Faith
1-Sep-2014Informal Care in New South Wales For Survivors of Severe NeurotraumaOates, Joanne
6-Sep-2011Informal Learning and teacher education students: Changing perceptions towards and educational paradigm shiftNehl, Tanya
14-Aug-2015Informal learnings? Young people’s informal learning of music in Australian and British schoolsLill, Athena Louise
Apr-1993The Information Content of the Yield Curve in AustraliaKarfakis, C.; Moschos, D.M.; Economics
2008Information discovery in ambiguous zones of researchSukovic, Suzana
31-Mar-2013Information Extraction from Radiology Reports for a Population Based Cancer RegistryNguyen, Hoang Minh Dung
14-Mar-2016Information for participants at The Dorothy Russell Havemeyer Foundation Equine Welfare WorkshopMcGreevy, Paul; Berger, Jeannine; de Brauwere, Nic; Harrison, Anna; Fiedler, Julie; Jones, Claudia; McDonnell, Sue; McLean, Andrew; Doherty, Orla; Nicol, Christine; Preshaw, Leanne; Webster, John; Wolfensohn, Sarah; Yeates, James; Bidda, Jones
2010Information Interoperability, Government and Open StandardsFitzgerald, Anne; Pappalardo, Kylie
18-Jul-2011Information processing strategy application: A longitudinal study of typically developing preschool and school aged childrenStewart, Kirsty Susan
23-Jan-2017Information provision in cervical screening in AustraliaWilliams, Jane H; Carter, SM; Rychetnik, Lucie
Nov-2003Information Technology Across the Teacher Education Curriculum: More claims than evidenceLoughland, Tony; Meyenn, Bob