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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2000'I'm surrounded by blokes and busy clerks- What can I say?': A cooperative action research project with foreign ESL students studying in AustraliaBunts-Anderson, Kimberley; Faculty of Education and Social Work
2008ICARDA experience: development of drought tolerant and high water productivity wheat varieties for CWANA RegionAbdalla O; Yaljarouka A; Yahyaoui A; Rajaram S
1-Aug-2016ICF and the disability universe: specificity in a complex worldMadden, Rosamond Helen
2014‘Ich setze diese Zeitschrift wider diese Zeit’ - Die Gesellschaftskritik der Zeitschrift Aktion (1911-1919)Zulovic, Sabina
2007The iCommons ProjectCochrane, Tom; Paharia, Neeru; Oi, Ian
2007icurricula, ipedagogies and outmoded ideologies: literacy teaching and learning in the digital eraMarsh, Jackie
2015The idea of ‘genocide’ in the Australian context 1959-1978Mackay, Anna Georgia; Department of History
2002An ideal betrayed : Australia, Britain and the Palestine question 1947-1949Piggott, Leanne
2006An Ideal Justification of PunishmentJohnson, Amanda Jane
28-Mar-2013Idealisations and Paradoxes in Decision TheoryRobertson, Steven James
27-Jan-2016Ideational Leadership in Chinese Foreign Policy in the twenty-first century: ‘Harmonious world’ Policy under Hu Jintao 2002-2012Dinh, Thi Hien Luong
10-Nov-2016Identification and analysis of Wes Montgomery's solo phrases used in ‘West Coast Blues’Hindmarsh, Joshua David
10-Mar-2015Identification and characterisation of a secreted acid phosphatase, Aph1 in the fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformansCha, So Young
29-Jan-2016Identification and characterisation of long-distance mobility of phosphate starvation-responsive microRNAs in Arabidopsis and Nicotiana benthamianaHuen, Amanda Kay
31-Jan-2014Identification and characterisation of new compounds to treat chronic bacterial lung infectionsEllis, Samantha
1996Identification And Characteristics Of Oral Bacteria From Rats Fed Cariogenic DietsZhu, Hua; Faculty of Dentistry
30-Jul-2013Identification and characterization of novel hybrids within Cryptococcus neoformans and Cryptococcus gattii species complexAminnejad, Mojgan
26-Apr-2016Identification and characterization of the novel GABAA receptors by zolpidemChe Has, Ahmad Tarmizi
8-May-2015Identification and classification of causes of drug-related problemsBasger, Benjamin Joseph
1991The identification and enhancement of biomechanical performance variables in maximal rowingSpinks, W. L.; Faculty of Education