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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jun-2015Human Preferences for Conformation Attributes and Head-And-Neck Positions in Horses.Caspar, G. L.; Dhand, Navneet K.; McGreevy, P. D.
2008Human Promoter Recognition Based on Principal Component AnalysisLi, Xiaomeng
2011Human rabies post exposure prophylaxis in Bhutan, 2005-2008: Trends and risk factors.Tenzin; Dhand, Navneet K.; Ward, Michael P.; Veterinay Science
10-Oct-2016The human rectum: innervation in health and impact of surgery on functionNg, Kheng-Seong
Nov-1998The Human Relationships Educational Curriculum and Gender and Violence ProgramsMills, Martin
13-Mar-2014Human rights and regionalism in Southeast AsiaRenshaw, Catherine Michelle
2011‘Human rights journalism’: a critical conceptual framework of a complementary strand of peace journalismShaw, Ibrahim Seaga
11-Dec-2008'Human Rights Politics & Transitional Justice'Humphrey, Michael; Department of Sociology and Social Policy
30-Jun-2017Human, All Too Human: Discourses of Disability in Classical GreeceCannon, Alyce Rose
31-Mar-2015A human-specific micro-rna encoded by notch-1 modulates mitotic checkpoint machineryRezaei-Lotfi, Saba
2000Humanism and legal historiography in late sixteenth and early seventeenth century England : the Elizabethan Society of AntiquariesStuckey, Michael, 1964-; Faculty of Law
1-Aug-2017Humanist Narratology and the Suburban Ensemble DramedyMoss-Wellington, Wyatt Michael
23-Feb-2011humanities data, digital libraries and eScholarshipColeman, Ross
2014Hume’s account of moral distinctions: the role of reason and sentiment in moral evaluationSimkovic, Dejan
30-Aug-2015Hume’s Naturalisation of ConscienceWatts, Gabriel John
LawsonHumorouscover.tif.jpg1900Humorous versesLawson, Henry
2013Humpy: An early Australian Architectural ProjectionGillespie, Alexandra
a1211019.jpg.jpg16-Dec-1893HungerfordLawson, Henry
8-Mar-2018Hunter-gatherer economies along the Newcastle coastline: An analysis of a shell midden site from the Late Holocene Birubi, New South WalesSheppard Brennand, Megan; Department of Archaeology
FoS_187.TIF.jpg5-Apr-1965Hurricane energy-