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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Nov-2013The Identification of the novel gene SENEX and its role in Endothelial Cell Senescence and SurvivalColeman, Paul Roger
1999The identification of the unknown skullJayaweera, S; Faculty of Dentistry
Feb-2004Identification of Variety and Quality Type by Protein Analysis: Recommendation of MethodsUthayakumaran, Surjani; Batey, Ian L; Wrigley, Colin W; Value Added Wheat CRC
2008Identification of virulence factors of Puccinia triticina; the causal agent of wheat leaf rust in IranAfshari F
Nov-2005Identification of wheat varieties and glutenin subunits: capillary electrophoresis and computer-assisted interpretation of resultsUthayakumaran, Surjani; Baratta, Marion; Batey, Ian L; Wrigley, Colin W; Value Added Wheat CRC
2008Identification of wheat-Dasypyrum breviaristatum addition lines with stripe rust resistance using C-banding and genomic in situ hybridizationYang ZJ; Zhang T; Liu C; Li GR; Zhou JP; Zhang Y; Ren ZL
23-Nov-2015Identification, Genetic Studies and Molecular Characterisation of Resistance to Rust Pathogens in WheatTemesgen, Banchgize Getie
1-Oct-2014Identifying a Biosignature of Melancholic Depression: An integrative approachDay, Claire Valerie Anne
6-Jan-2015Identifying Allosteric Binding Sites of GABAA ReceptorsDevenish, Steven Oliver
1-Sep-2014Identifying and developing the role of community pharmacists in sleep healthFuller, Joanne
2015Identifying key developments, issues and questions relating to techniques of genome editing with engineered nucleases.Newson, A.J.; Wrigley, A
31-Mar-2014Identifying Novel Genes and Variants in Eye DiseasesNg, Wan Yi
21-Oct-2014Identifying protein biomarkers of chronic allograft injuryEager, Katie Louise May
13-Mar-2014Identifying the barriers and facilitators to the use of Written Medicine Information by community pharmacists, general practitioners and consumersHamrosi, Kim Karon
Jul-2014Identifying the core microbial community in fungus-growing termite gutsOtani, Saria; Mikaelyan, Aram; Nobre, Tania; Soren Sorensen; Kone, N'Golo; Aanen, Duur; Boomsma, Jacobus J.; Brune, Andreas; Poulsen, Michael; Hansen, Lars H.
Feb-2000Identifying the Overarching Logistics Strategy of Business PracticesBrewer, Ann; Hensher, David A; INSTITUTE OF TRANSPORT STUDIES
8-Jan-2015Identifying undergraduate pharmacy students’ achievement goals and their effects on academic achievement and teachers’ qualitiesAlrakaf, Saleh Mohammed A
23-Feb-2017Identity and Community: A Qualitative Study of Specialist Primary Music Teachers in New South Wales, AustraliaBenn, Michele Karen
2012Identity and Interests: Understanding the Meltdown in Israeli-Turkish Relations 2002-2012Cook, Katherine; Department of Government and International Relations
2015Identity on the Threshold: The Myth of Persephone in Italian American Women’s MemoirsSeffer, Valentina