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9-Dec-2015Innovative applications of kilovoltage imaging in image -guided lung cancer radiotherapyShieh, Chun-Chien
2015An innovative approach to strengthening health professionals’ infection control and limiting hospital-acquired infection: video-reflexive ethnographyIedema, R; Hor, S; Wyer, M; Gilbert, G L; Jorm, C; Hooker, C; O'Sullivan, M; VELiM
2013Innovative forms of healing: new media art as a catalyst for lasting change in therapeutic settingsHeiss, Leah
18-Dec-2014Innovative Procedures for Travel Data Collection and ProcessingShen, Li
14-Apr-2015An innovative program for promoting active, creative and social play at school: The Sydney Playground ProjectRagen, Jo; Bundy, Anita; Engelen, Lina; Perry, Gabrielle; Wyver, Shirley; Naughton, Geraldine; Tranter, Paul; Bauman, Adrian; Baur, Wendy; Niehues, Anita; Gessup, Glenda; Barnes, Kate
3-Oct-2014Inorganic nitrate supplementation and endurance exercise performanceHoon, Matthew W.
24-Mar-2015Inpatient Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa: Does Inpatient Weight Restoration Prior to Outpatient Family Treatment Improve Outcomes in Adolescent Anorexia Nervosa? A Randomised Controlled TrialMadden, Sloane
2010Inquiry into Improving Access to Victorian Public Sector InformationEconomic Development and Infrastructure Committee, Parliament of Victoria
Nov-2003An Inquiry, Case Based Approach to Teacher Education: Findings and ImplicationsEwing, Robyn; Smith, David; Horsley, Mike; Faculty of Education and Social Work
10-Oct-2016Inscribing Memory: Art and the Place of Personal Expressions of Grief in Memorial CultureGriffin, Sylvia Clare
Jul-2014Insemination and fertilization success of individual males in the honeybeeKratze, Madlen; Welch, Mat; Tabur, Kristina; den Boer, Susanne; Baer, Boris
2008Insertion site-based polymorphism: A Swiss army knife for wheat genomicsPaux E; Gao L; Faure S; Choulet F; Roger D; Chevalier K; Saintenac C; Balfourier F; Paux K; Cakir M; Brunel D; Le Paslier M-C; Krugman T; Gandon B; Nevo E; Bernard M; Sourdille P; Feuillet, C
2006Inside out : the depiction of externality in Valerius MaximusLawrence, Sarah Jane; Department of Ancient History
006.TIF.jpg16-Oct-1961Inside the atom-
May-2003Insider Trading, Informational Effciency and Allocative EffciencyAgastya, Murali; Economics
2012An Insight into Life at Geometric Zagora Provided by the Animal BonesAlagich, Rudolph; Department of Archaeology
31-Mar-2013Inspired by nature. Investigating the reactivity of biogenic calcium oxide for CO2 captureCoenen, Anja
2011Inspiring Womanhood: A re-interpretation of The DawnCameron, Hannah; Department of History