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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2003Information Technology Across the Teacher Education Curriculum: More claims than evidenceLoughland, Tony; Meyenn, Bob
20-Oct-2008Information use in clinical practice: A case study of critical care nurses' enteral feeding decisionsMarshall, Andrea
2002Information-Theoretic Control of Multiple Sensor PlatformsGrocholsky, Ben
4-Feb-2010Informationist Science Fiction Theory and Informationist Science FictionLong, Bruce Raymond
2013Informatively missing quality of life and unmet needs sex data for immigrant and Anglo-Australian cancer patients and survivorsBell, ML; Butow, PN; Goldstein, D
3-Sep-2008Informed consent and medical ordeal: a qualitative studyLittle, M; Jordens, C; McGrath, C; Montgomery, K; Lipworth, W; Kerridge, I
2001Informed consent in agreement making under the Workplace Relations Act 1996 (Cth)Ross, Iain; Trew QC, John
2007Informing a Distracted Audience: News Narratives In Breakfast TelevisionCopeman, Emma; Department of Media and Communications
2007Informing eLearning software development processes with the student experience of learningCalvo, Rafael; Ellis, Robert; Nicholas, Carroll; Markauskaite, Lina; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
2010Informing Evidence-Based Health Policy for Rural AustraliaVeitch, Craig; Lincoln, Michelle; Bundy, Anita; Gallego, Gisselle; Brentnall, Jennie; Faculty of Health Sciences
17-Oct-2016Inhaled anti-tubercular therapy: Dry powder formulations, device and toxicity challengesParumasivam, Thaigarajan
31-Jan-2014Inhaled rifamycin dry powders targeting tuberculosisChan, John Gar Yan
15-Jan-2014Inhaler devices: Do patients have a preference and does it make a difference?Jahedi, Lia
2008Inheritance and genetic mapping of leaf rust resistance genes in the wheat cultivar Buck ManantialAltieri E; McCallum B; Somers DJ; Sacco F
2008Inheritance of adult plant resistance to leaf and stripe rust in four European winter wheat cultivarsSingh D; Park RF
2014Inheritance of thelytoky in the honey bee Apis mellifera capensisChapman, Nadine C.; Beekman, Madeleine; Allsopp, Michael H.; Rinderer, Thomas E.; Lim, Julianne; Oxley, Peter R.; Oldroyd, Benjamin P.; School of Biological Sciences
15-Oct-2013Inhibiting Tumor Protein D52 function for anti-cancer therapy applicationRoslan, Nuruliza
29-Aug-2013Inhibition of biofilm formation on polymer medical devicesLoo, Judy Ching-Yee
7-Jan-2014Inhibition of oxidant formation by myeloperoxidaseKajer, Tracey
May-2016Inhibition of the norepinephrine transporter by χ-conotoxin dendrimers.Wan, J; Bhola, R.F.; Jha, P; Brust, A; Mobil, M; Lewis, R.J.; Christie, M.J.; Alewood, P.F.; Discipline of Pharmacology