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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1994The International Baccalaureate in Australia and Canada: 1980-1993Bagnall, Nigel
May-2005The International Baccalaureate in Australia and New Zealand in the 21st centuryBagnall, Nigel; Faculty of Education and Social Work
2010The International Baccalaureate in India : a study of privatisation in a changing educational contextGuy, Judith Helen; Faculty of Education and Social Work
Dec-1997International Baking Industry Expo, 1997Wilson, Arran; Quality Wheat CRC
Oct-1990International Capital Adequacy StandardsHogan, W.P.; Economics
2008International collaboration for unifying Glu-3 nomenclature system in common wheatsIkeda TM; Branlard G; Peña RJ; Takata K; Liu L; He ZH; Lerner SE; Kolman MA; Yoshida H; Rogers WJ
2013An International Comparison of the Effect of Policy Shifts to Organ Donation Following Cardiocirculatory Death (DCD) on Donation Rates After Brain Death (DBD) and Transplantation RatesBendorf, A; Kelly, PJ; Kerridge, I; McCaughan, GW; Myerson, B; Steward, C; Pussell, BA; VELiM
31-Aug-2012International conflict related environmental claims - A critical analysis of the UN Compensation CommissionDe Silva, Allenisheo Lalanath Mark
2013The International Criminal Court: Mapping the Politics of Myth Construction on the "Road to Rome"McCoy, Henry James; Department of History
2008The International Crop Information System manages geneological; phenotypic and genotypic data in a wheat breeding programClarke FR; Yates SM; Clarke JM; Knox RM; DePauw RM; McLaren CG
Jan-1987International Debt and Foreign Exchange MarketsHogan, W.P.; Economics
1992International Experience in Competitive TenderingCox, Wendell; Love, J.
23-Oct-2008International initiatives in the digital humanities and eScholarshipMcCarty, Willard; Coleman, Ross; Johnson, Ian; Hayes, Steven
Oct-1998International Linkages and Macroeconomic News Effects on Interest Rate Volatility - Australia and the US'Kim, Suk-Joong; Sheen, Jeffrey; Department of Economics
2011International Networks and Human Rights in IndonesiaFord, Michele
2007International Perspectives - New ZealandCollyns, John
2011International security and language: expanding the peace journalism frameworkBrock-Utne, Birgit
22-Apr-2016International students in Speech-Language Pathology professional placements: experiences, competency development and outcomes.Attrill, Stacie Lorraine
2014International students: a history of race and emotions in AustraliaIndelicato, Maria Elena