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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts revived?van der Plas, Wim
Jul-2000Interaction between adrenal glucocorticoids and parasympathetic activation in mediating hyperinsulinaemia during long-term central neuropeptide Y infusion in ratsSainsbury, Amanda; Wilks, D; Cooney, GJ
4-Apr-2011The interaction between informed and uninformed agents in securities marketsWong, Brad
1996The interaction between linguistic proficiency and text difficulty in EFL readingShokrpour, N. (Nasrin); Department of Linguistics
17-Feb-2014Interaction Buckling of Cold-Formed Stainless Steel BeamsNiu, Shuang
Sep-2008The interaction of local and overall buckling of cold-formed stainless steel columns.Becque, Jurgen
Apr-2007Interactional dynamics and social change : planning as morphogenesisIedema, Roderick
24-Feb-2014Interactions in improvised music: people at playHolgate, Gary David
Dec-2014Interactions of insertion sequences targetting integron associated recombination sitesZeric, Mia
2013Interactive drama in real and virtual worlds.Aylett, Ruth
31-Oct-2014Interconnection: sustaining difference in a fluid worldvan der Aa, Gerdina Anna H M
8-Feb-2016Intercultural Communication: Understanding the impact of culture on engagement with mental health servicesLogan, Shanna Rei
Sep-2007Intercultural competence in young language learners: a case studyMoloney, Robyn Anne
27-Nov-2014Intercultural dialogue with Indonesian state sector language teacher educators about the epistemology of ELT INSETEngland, Neil Arthur
18-Apr-2013The interdependence between biological and ethical analyses of safety and efficacy in translational gene therapyDeakin, Claire Tara
2013Interdisciplinary Engagements with the Experience of FilmOrth, Jared David
18-Dec-2012Interdisciplinary Health Research (IDHR): An analysis of the lived experience from the theoretical perspective of identityKumar, Koshila
23-Jan-2014Interest Groups, Executive-Legislative Relations and the U.S. Politics of NATO EnlargementLouie, Johnson Yu Kwong
Aug-1990Interest Rate Linkages Within the European Monetary System: A Time Series AnalysisKarfakis, C.; Moschos, D.M.; Economics
2012‘Interests’ in medicine and the inadequacy of disclosureKerridge, I; VELiM