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30-Jan-2012Immobility nationBabones, Salvatore
2-Jul-2015Immune Profiling of Systemic Lupus ErythematosusLee, Loretta Lok-Yan
4-Dec-2015Immune-Mediated Drug Induced Liver Injury: A Multidisciplinary ApproachHo, Samuel Siu On
30-Aug-2013Immunity of lawsonia intracellularis vaccination in pigsGomes Nogueira, Mariana
Jul-2014Immunity, sanitary behaviour and social structure of diseased ant coloniesCremer, Sylvia
1982Immunization Against Dental CariesSingh, Sukhdev; Faculty of Dentistry
1998Immunohistochemical Analysis Of Morphogens And Death Proteins In Palatal FusionNguyen, Chinh Xuan; Faculty of Dentistry
1993An Immunohistochemical And Ultrastructural Study Of The Giant Cell Granuloma Of The JawsLim, Lydia; Faculty of Dentistry
4-Jan-2016Immunohistochemical studies of obscurin in failing and non-failing human heartsKahramanian, Mamikon
25-Feb-2014Immunologic effects of the interferon lambda 3 genotype in chronic hepatitis CO'Connor, Kate
2004Immunological and inflammatory aspects of age-related macular degeneration measured by quantitative immunohistochemical techniquesWong, James Gilbert; Sydney Medical School; Discipline of Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health
21-Mar-2017Immunological Effects of Haliotis Rubra Hemolymph and Hemolymph ComponentsNoor, Humaira
1988Immunological Responses In Human Saliva With Acupuncture StimulationNg, Kevin K. W.; Faculty of Dentistry
30-Jun-2016Immunomodulation of Traditional Chinese Medicines: Applications and Implications for Cancer MedicineSekhon, Bhagwant Kaur
2000Immunopathological characterisation of infectious diseases of the koala and the platypusConnolly, Joanne H.
2006Immunosuppression and malignancy in end stage kidney diseaseWebster, Angela Claire
22-Sep-2014The impact and management of diabetes among the Lebanese community in SydneyMustapha, Wissam Amin
2004Impact assessment of solid wastes from primary industries : an integrated approachHansen, Yvonne
7-Jun-2013Impact from point of care devices on emergency department patient processing times compared to central laboratory testing of blood samples: a randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness analysisAsha, SE; Chan, AC; Walter, E; Kelly, PJ; Morton, Rachael L; Ajami, A; Wilson, RD; Honneyman, D