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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2007HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors: A Formal Total Synthesis of Lithospermic Acid And Synthetic Studies Towards IntegramycinFischer, Joshua
2002HIV/STD Prevention in General PracticeProude, Elizabeth Marjorie
2010The Hold-up Problem in the Presence of Free Trade Agreement NegotiationsWei, Wenjie; Discipline of Economics
3-May-2016Holding Down a ShadowHollier, Daniel Robert
26-Mar-2008A Holistic Approach to Sustainability Analysis of Industrial NetworksBeck, Jessica Mareile
1999A Holistic Financing Strategy for Transport in South Africavan der Merwe, E; Cammeron, J W M; Papenfus, Dr A J; van Zyl, O A W; Vorster, J C
29-Aug-2014The holistic management of information security processesSoyref, Maxim
2007The Hollywood Career of Gershwin's "Second Rhapsody"Wierzbicki, James
2007Home and away: the policy context in AustraliaBrennan, Deborah; Hill, Elizabeth; Pocock, Barbara; Elliott, Alison
2000The Home Falls and Accidents Screening Tool (HOME FAST)Mackenzie, Lynette
5-Dec-2017Home Falls and Accidents Screening Tool (SR)Mackenzie, Lynette; Hassani Mehraban, Afsoon
1-Jun-2017The Home First Study: Patient preferences for home dialysis in New ZealandWalker, Rachael Claire
Mar-1984Home Purchase Assistance for Low Income EarnersYates, J.; Economics
2015Home security: marketisation and the changing face of housing assistance in AustraliaGroenhart, Lucy; Gurran, Nicole
27-Mar-2014Homeodomain interacting protein kinase (HPK-1) regulates germ cell proliferation in C.elegansBerber, Slavica
2014Homeopathy, Phenomenology and the Unprejudiced Observer. Letter in response to Swayne and WhitmarshLevy, David Claude
7-Aug-2015Homogentisate 1-2-Dioxygenase Downregulation in the Chronic Persistence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Australian Epidemic Strain-1 in the CF LungHarmer, Christopher J; Wynn, Matthew; Pinto, Rachel; Cordwell, Stuart; Rose, Barbara R; Harbour, Colin; Triccas, James A; Manos, Jim
1969Homotopy classification of filtered complexesStreet, Ross Howard
Jul-2014Honeybee foragers adjust crop contents before leaving the hiveHarano, Ken-Ichi; Mitsuhata-Asai, Akiko; Konishi, Takayuki; Suzuki, Takashi; Sasaki, Masami
Jul-2014Honeybee Kenyon cells are regulated by a tonic GABA conductancePalmer, Mary