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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jun-2016Interpreting the Piano Music of Albéniz: A detailed study of selected works from IberiaMcNaughton, Lorelle Sarah Kiriona
2008Interrelationships of important agronomic traits and kernel yield in winter wheatGuberac V; Maric S; Drezner G; Petrovic S; Dvojkovic K; Brandic V
29-Oct-2014Interrogative Design: Enhanced Interrogation with IntentCatts, Alexander Peter
May-2003Interrupting the right: On doing critical educational work in conservativer timesApple, Michael W
2002Intersectoral collaboration theory as a framework to assist in developing a local government food and nutrition policyDick, Mathew Philip
2014Intertextuality and allusion in the epistles of Sidonius ApollinarisHanaghan, Michael Peter
2014Intervening in the racial imaginary: ‘mixed race’ and resistance in contemporary Australian LiteratureDickens, Lyn Sue
20-Jul-2006Intervention and ContrastivitySchaffer, Jonathan
11-Jul-2014Interventions for congenital talipes equinovarusGray, Kelly Grace
21-Apr-2010Interview With Mary Barrett (Nee Dettmann)Barrett, Mary; Radford, Neil
1981Intestinal parasites in Australian aborigines of Kempsey shireOwusu-Ansah, Anthony; Faculty of Medicine
2013Intimacy or Utility? Organ Donation and the Choice between Palliation and Ventilation.Bendorf, A; Kerridge, I; Steward, C; VELiM
12-May-2015Intimacy, Power and Pleasure: The Linguistic Construction of Identity in Online Personal-ads for Casual SexGrover, Cameron; Department of Linguistics
2013Intimate Disavowal: Turning Away from Technological Media Art.Bunt, Brogan
2011An Intimate Revolution: Fascism, Sexuality and Kommune I in 1960s West GermanyRyan, Hannah; Department of History
2014Intimate theory: mononormativity, negotiated non-monogamy and the politics of loveKean, Jessica
19-Aug-2011"Into the Woods": The Experiences and Preparation of Teachers Who Direct Secondary School Musical TheatreHoward, Patrick
2014Into the woods: slash manips — theory/practiceBrennan, Joseph Carl Linden
13-Dec-2013Into theatre, under the knife: cultures of dissection and contemporary art practiceScardifield, Katherine
2007Into this wild abyss : learning through fabricated photographsOscar, Sara; Sydney College of the Arts