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1979Improvement Of Cast Gypsum Dies By Polymer ImpregnationSchimann, Rolf R.; Faculty of Dentistry
2008Improvement of dough strength for bread-making quality in Japanese common wheatTanaka H; Nakata N; Tsujimoto H
1-May-2016Improving 3D Scaffolds for Skin Tissue Engineering using Advanced BiotechnologyChong, Cassandra
2-Sep-2014Improving access to pulmonary rehabilitation in rural and remote AustraliaJohnston, Catherine
27-Nov-2014Improving adherence to essential medicines for the prevention of cardiovascular diseaseWebster, Ruth Joan Rehema
30-Apr-2013Improving and Implementing Diagnostic Tools in Pathology with a Focus on Haemostasis and Association with Select Endocrine DisordersMina, Ashraf Anis Wahba
29-Nov-2013Improving balance and mobility in people over 50 years of age with vision impairments: Can the Alexander Technique help?Gleeson, Michael Gerard
31-Dec-2015Improving cost contingency estimation for infrastructure projects based on the impact of cost overrun causes of similar projects – illustration using Saudi Arabia survey dataAllahaim, Fahad Saud Abdulaziz
Sep-2009Improving decision-making: Deriving patient-valued utilities from a disease-specific quality of life questionnaire for evaluating clinical trialsGrimison, Peter
2007Improving early childhood quality through standards, accreditation and registrationElliott, Alison; Hill, Elizabeth; Pocock, Barbara; Elliott, Alison
2007Improving Efficiency: An Evaluation Of Sydney BusesByatt, Martin; Oscuro, Giselle; Rookes, Melina
19-Jan-2016Improving epoxide production of the ethene monooxygenase from Mycobacterium rhodesiae JS60Cheung, Samantha
Feb-2005Improving Gluten Production: Development of a New Salt-Washing ProcessDay, Li; Batey, Ian L; Wrigley, Colin W; Augustin, Mary-Anne; Value Added Wheat CRC
20-Jul-2016Improving hypertension control with a strategy of early use of lowdose combination of blood pressure lowering drugsMohammad, Abdul Salam
17-Aug-2017Improving Interfacial Fracture Resistance of Sandwich Composite Structures by PES/CNT Nanofibres Interleaving and Z-pinningEldo, Danny
19-Oct-2015Improving Laboratory Learning Outcomes: An Investigation Into the Effect of Contextualising Laboratories Using Virtual Worlds and Remote Laboratories.Machet, Tania Celli
2007Improving Networked Learning in Higher Education: Language Functions and Design PatternsYang, Dai Fei
Aug-2002Improving occupational health and safety information to immigrant workers in NSWAlcorso, Caroline
30-Jun-2015Improving outcomes for people with chronic kidney disease through educationLopez-Vargas, Pamela
4-Sep-2012Improving participation in higher education for young people from low socio-economic backgrounds: Changing beliefs about higher education.Harris, Joanne