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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2016Improving hypertension control with a strategy of early use of lowdose combination of blood pressure lowering drugsMohammad, Abdul Salam
19-Oct-2015Improving Laboratory Learning Outcomes: An Investigation Into the Effect of Contextualising Laboratories Using Virtual Worlds and Remote Laboratories.Machet, Tania Celli
2007Improving Networked Learning in Higher Education: Language Functions and Design PatternsYang, Dai Fei
Aug-2002Improving occupational health and safety information to immigrant workers in NSWAlcorso, Caroline
30-Jun-2015Improving outcomes for people with chronic kidney disease through educationLopez-Vargas, Pamela
4-Sep-2012Improving participation in higher education for young people from low socio-economic backgrounds: Changing beliefs about higher education.Harris, Joanne
2014Improving professional learning and teaching through the development of a quality processRowley, Jennifer; Scanlon, Lesley; Laing, Lesley; Smith, Lorraine; Treleaven, Lesley; Sydney Conservatorium of Music; Social Work & Policy Studies; Music Education Unit; Education and Social Work - Research; Pharmacy; Office L&T in Economics & Business
15-Jan-2009Improving quality in Australian child care: the role of the media and non-profit providersDalton, Bronwen; Wilson, Rachel
2013Improving quality of life by increasing outings after stroke: Study protocol for the Out-and-About trialMcCluskey, Annie; Ada, Louise; Middleton, Sandy; Kelly, PJ; Goodall, Stephen; Grimshaw, Jeremy M; Logan, Pip; Longworth, Mark; Karageorge, Aspasia
30-Sep-2015Improving Radiological Measurements to Enhance the Conservative Management of Vestibular Schwannomas.Kong, Jonathan Hein Khuen
2-May-2013Improving Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer: Identification of the Tumour Bed and Characterisation of Target Volume ChangesLewis, Lorraine Page
2014Improving subjective perception of personal cancer risk: systematic review and meta-analysis of educational interventions for people with cancer or at high risk of cancerDieng, M; Watts, CG; Kasparian, NA; Morton, RL; Mann, GJ; Cust, AE
14-Jan-2014Improving subjective perception of personal cancer risk: systematic review and meta-analysis of educational interventions for people with cancer or at high risk of cancerDieng, Mbathio; Watts, Caroline G; Kasparian, Nadine A; Morton, Rachael L; Mann, Graham J; Cust, Anne E
27-Nov-2015Improving the Consequences of Dialysis TherapyWang, Ying
16-Sep-2016Improving the Diagnosis of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy with Next Generation Sequencing TechnologyO'Grady, Gina Louise
24-Mar-2016Improving the Efficiency of Porcine Embryo Vitrification and its Impact on the EpigenomeBartolac, Louise Katherine
24-Feb-2016Improving the Functionality of Spray-Dried Powders Using a Template-Assisted ProcessEbrahimi Ghadi, Amirali
2015"Improving the legitimacy of medicines funding decisions: A critical literature review"Pace, J; Pearson, S; Lipworth, W
5-Jan-2015Improving the quality use of prescribed antihypertensive medications in the hospital settingAlhawassi, Tariq
21-Aug-2013Improving the Quantitive linkage between ecological processes and hydrologic dynamics in high country forests of South-East AustraliaGharun, Mana