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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2000Impact of APEC trade liberalisation on Indonesian economy and its agricultural sectorOktaviani, Rina
2-Feb-2015The Impact of Australia’s Carbon Price on the Selection and Optimisation of Prime Movers in Combined Heat and Power Systems Using a Thermo-economic ApproachGibson, Chanel Ann
31-Aug-2014Impact of Business Intelligence (BI) Systems Use on Process Level PerformanceSeethamraju, Jaya Lakshmi
25-Nov-2013The impact of cancer cachexia on the liverTaylor, Ryland James
Jul-2014The Impact of Climatic Changes on Ant DistributionsBrilmyer, Gracen; Moreau, Corrie
31-Mar-2014The Impact of Co-location on the Quality of a Satellite Market: Evidence from the Singapore ExchangeLee, Esther Yoon Kyeong
2014The impact of cosmetic breast implants on breastfeeding: a systematic review and meta-analysisSchiff, Michal; Algert, Charles S; Ampt, Amanda J; Sywak, Mark S; Roberts, Christine L
1992The Impact of Deregulation on Airline Safety: Profit-Safety and Market-Response ArgumentsTalley, W.K.
26-Sep-2008The Impact of dysarthria on everyday communication following traumatic brain injuryGuo, Yiting Emily; Togher, Leanne; Speech Pathology
2007Impact of employee motivation on passenger satisfaction levels – A case study in the state of Karnataka (India)Ramanayya, Tammana V.; Nagadevara, Vishnuprasad; Roy, Shyamal
2010The impact of executive coaching on the performance management of international managers in ChinaMcGill, John Owens IV
7-Dec-2015Impact of farm management on the diversity of desulfonation genes and 16S rRNA genes in wheat rhizospheresGuldner, Mirja Elisabeth
13-Feb-2015The impact of first birth obstetric anal sphincter injury on the subsequent birth: a population-based linkage studyAmpt, Amanda J.; Roberts, Christine L.; Morris, Jonathan M.; Ford, Jane B.
2007The Impact Of Geographic Location On The Utility Derived From Real-Time Public Transport InformationCaulfield, Brian; O’Mahony, Margaret
7-Feb-2014Impact of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) factors on occupant evaluation of workspacesKim, Jungsoo
Jan-1977The Impact of Institutional Changes of the Australian Short-run Money Demand FunctionSharpe, Ian G.; Volker, Paul A.; Economics
17-Apr-2013The impact of interactive systems on preadolescent children in out-of-school time. Issues and answers from multiple cases and diverse contextsJohns, Johanna Elizabeth
6-Jul-2016The Impact of Large-Scale Renewable Energy on Grid Small-Signal and Frequency Stability: Modelling, Analysis, and ControlShim, Jae-Woong
2000The impact of legal architecture, conciliator style and other factors on the settlement of unfair dismissal claims Vol 1Ross, Iain James Kerr