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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jan-2014Institutional regimes in transport: case studies of rail and road in NSW and Queensland 1850 - 2000Turner, Ann
2002Institutionalist perspectives on the economics of health and health careJan, Stephen; School of Public Health
2014Institutions, preferences and inequality in Turkey (2002-2009)Ozden, Emrullah
29-Oct-2014Instructing them in 'the things of god': the response of the bishop and the synod of the Church of England in the Diocese of Sydney to the Public Instruction Act 1880 (NSW) regarding religious education for its children and young people, 1880-1889Warren, Riley Noel
2015Instrumental variable meta-analysis of randomised trials of epidural analgesia in labour to adjust for non-complianceBannister-Tyrrell, Melanie; Miladinovic, Branko; Roberts, Christine L; Ford, Jane B
2012Insulin resistance pathogenesis in visceral fat and gut organismsLam, Yan; Ha, Connie; Holmes, Andrew
12-Dec-2012Integral Basis Theorem of cyclotomic Khovanov-Lauda-Rouquier Algebras of type ALi, Ge Jr
1999An integrated approach for simultaneous operability and switchability analysis of chemical plantsLinh, Thi Thuy Vu; Department of Chemical Engineering
2008An integrated approach to predicting end-product quality of wheatBékés, F; Morell, M
2007An integrated approach to teaching writing in the sciencesTaylor, Charlotte; Drury, Helen; Brew, Angela; Sachs, Judyth
4-Sep-2013Integrated Care Seminar ProceedingsGoodwin, Nick; Salvador-Carulla, Luis; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
23-Nov-2015The integrated effects of projected climate change on cotton growth and physiology.Broughton, Katrina
2-Aug-2016An integrated framework for magnetic resonance image reconstruction and segmentationZhang, Tong
Jul-2014An integrated framework for risk assessment of invasive urban antsYang, Chin-Cheng (Scotty); Tseng, Shu-Ping; Ho, Han-Chih; Huang, Rong-Nan; Wu, Wen-Jer; Shoemaker, DeWayne
2015Integrated in a Segregated Society: FASD and Disability in the Kimberley, Western AustraliaChono-Schaa, Mikiko
Feb-2016The Integrated Mental Health Atlas of Brisbane NorthMendoza, John; Fernandez, Ana; Hackett, Mary; Salinas Perez, Jose Alberto; Salvador-Carulla, Luis
2016The Integrated Mental Health Atlas of South Western SydneySalvador-Carulla, Luis; Fernandez, Ana; Maas, Cailin; Astell-Burt, Thomas; Feng, Xiaoqi
2016The Integrated Mental Health Atlas of the Far WestSalvador-Carulla, Luis; Fernandez, Ana; Maas, Cailin; Rosen, Alan; Astell-Burt, Thomas; Feng, Xiaoqi; Salinas-Perez, Jose Alberto
2016The Integrated Mental Health Atlas of Western SydneySalvador-Carulla, Luis; Fernandez, Ana; Maas, Cailin; Smith-Merry, Jennifer; Gillespie, James; Astell-Burt, Thomas; Feng, Xiaoqi