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31-Aug-2015Influence of concrete cracking on service conditions of prefabricated and reinforced concrete membersRahman, Md Mahfuzur
29-Mar-2013Influence of Delta Morphodynamics on Coastal Response to Climate ChangeMelo Ferraz, Marco
7-Apr-2015The influence of device and formulation parameters on aerosol electrostatics for pressurised metered dose inhalersChen, Yang
Jul-2014The influence of diet in microbiota acquisition of Apis melliferaRodrigues, Pedro A P; Maes, Patrick; Mott, Brendon M; Anderson, Kirk
14-Dec-2015The influence of Galactic stellar structures on 511 keV positron annihilation morphologyAli, Muazzam
24-Jul-2015Influence of host genetics on the natural history of chronic liver diseasesAbdelhafiz, Mohammed Eslam
2013Influence of husbandry practices on OsHV-1 associated mortality of Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigasPaul-Pont, I; Dhand, Navneet K.; Whittington, R. J.; Veterinay Science
29-Sep-2015The Influence of Ionic Liquids on the Chemistry of the Zinc Bromine Flow BatteryEaston, Max Eric
1938The influence of mechanical factors in the design of inlay cavity preparationsHarris, Robert; Faculty of Dentistry
2012The Influence of Meteorology on the Spread of Influenza: Survival Analysis of an Equine Influenza (A/H3N8) Outbreak.Firestone, S. M.; Cogger, N; Ward, M. P.; Toribio, J. A.; Moloney, B. J.; Dhand, Navneet K.
30-Dec-2015The influence of neural factors on secondary conditions such as pain and fatigue in persons living with spinal cord injuryRodrigues, Dianah
1997The influence of nitrous oxide on hearingFabijan, Diana Joan; Faculty of Dentistry
3-Sep-2008Influence of Obstacle Location and Frequency on the Propagation of Premixed FlamesHall, Ross Douglas
7-Jul-2009The influence of parents' culture on students' choice of mathematics study in senior yearsAwad, Farid; Education and Social Work
2009The Influence of Physical and Anthropogenic Factors on a Channel’s Geomorphic DiversityWhite, Alicia; School of Geosciences
31-Aug-2014Influence of Pozzolanic Material in the Conversion and Corrosion Behaviour of Calcium Aluminate CementSio, Jeanette Dorol
1998The influence of safety measures on workers' safety perception and behaviorHabibzadeh, Zahra Haji; Faculty of Medicine
Nov-2001The influence of school, teacher and teacher-school fit factors in affecting teachers' participation in continuing professional educationMok, Yan Fung
11-Sep-2014The influence of slice thickness and reconstruction kernel on dose optimisation of hepatic lesion computed tomography (CT) protocolsDobeli, Karen L.