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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Nov-2014Indirect Action: A Critique of Current Models of Political ArtBailey, Stuart
Mar-2004Individual animal tests for ovine Johne's disease.Reddacliff, L. A; Whittington, R. J
Dec-1997Individual contracts and workplace relationsFrazer, Andrew; McCallum, Ron; Ronfeldt, Paul
Dec-1995Individual contracts: beyond enterprise bargainingHamberger, Jonathan
23-Oct-2015Individual differences in decision making: the role of cognitive abilities, monitoring and controlJackson, Simon Anthony
Feb-2015Individual differences in eye movements during skilled readingVeldre, Aaron
Jul-2014Individual differences in honey bee trophallaxis network connectivityGernat, Tim; Rao, Vikyath; Deng, Weibing; Goldenfeld, Nigel; Middendorf, Martin; Dankowicz, Harry; Robinson, Gene
4-Nov-2015Individual differences in motivational imparment following nerve injury and their relationships to neurochemical changes in the Nucleus Accumbens of the ratHakim, Jonathan David
Jul-2014Individual differences in the behaviour of Formica fusca workers (Formicidae)Somogyi, Anna; Tartally, Andras; Barta, Zoltan
Sep-2013Individual Funding: the experiences of families in rural areas-
Jul-2014Individual Personalities Within a Honey Bee ColonyWalton, Alexander; Toth, Amy
Jul-2014Individual, group and colony dominance among invasive antsBertelsmeier, Cleo; Avril, Amaury; Blight, Olivier; Jourdan, Herve; Ollier, Sebastien; Courchamp, Franck
30-Aug-2016Individuality and the social environment: exploring the mechanisms and functions of individual behavioural variation in fishBurns, Alicia Louise
2009Indonesia as an Archipelago: Managing Islands, Managing the SeasCribb, Robert; Ford, Michele
Aug-2014Indonesia value chain structures and smallholders' livelihoods: a case study of specialty coffee development interventionsHartatri, Diany
2008Indonesian EFL teacher professionalism : a case study in Salatiga MunicipalityYuwono, Grace Ika; Faculty of Education and Social Work
2008Indonesian labour since Suharto: Perspectives from the regionFord, Michele; Mizuno, Kosuke
11-Mar-2010Indonesian Social Case Studies And Sociographic Data: A Longitudinal Treasure TroveWitton, Ronald
24-Feb-2012The Indonesian Turning Point 1965-66Martens, Robert
2001Indonesian Women as Export Commodity: Notes from Tanjung PinangFord, Michele