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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Dec-2013Illicit tobacco in Australia: how big is the problem, does it matter and how should its use be monitored?Scollo, Michelle
2003Illness Self-Schema in Systemic Lupus ErythematosusDenton, Fiona
1999The illness trajectory or the illness journey – what’s in a metaphor?Little, M; Jordens, C; Paul, K; Sayers, E; Sriskandarajah, D
24-Sep-2015Illumination Invariant Outdoor PerceptionRamakrishnan, Rishi
6-Jun-2013ILO: U.S. Inequality now literally off the chartBabones, Salvatore
26-Jun-2015Image and Voice: Muslim women in Contemporary ArtAydemir, Cigdem
2004Image Thresholding Technique Based On Fuzzy Partition And Entropy MaximizationZhao, Mansuo
2014Images from Old Norse Mythology and Legend on Anglo-Scandinavian and Scandinavian Stone Sculpture and some Wood ObjectsBraithwaite-Westoby, Manu
2007Images of Stoicsm and Courage in The Wife’s LamentO'Brien, Karen
2007Images of the Germanic ComitatusO'Brien, Karen
2001Imaginary Knitting. Historical record linkage in the Caversham projectHood, David
2014The Imagined Sounds of Outer SpaceWierzbicki, James
Jul-2013Imaging Biomarker Validation and Qualification Report: 6th OARSI Workshop on Imaging in Osteoarthritis Combined with 3rd OA Biomarkers Workshop.Hunter, David J.; Eckstein, Felix; Kraus, Virginia Byers; Lousina, Elena; Sandell, Linda; Guermazi, Ali
14-Aug-2014Imaging in measurement of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancerMarinovich, Michael Luke
Feb-2013Imaging of OsteoarthritisGuermazi, Ali; Hayashi, Daichi; Eckstein, Felix; Hunter, David J.; Duryea, Jeff; Roemer, Frank W.
21-Jan-2015The imaging pharmacogenetics of emotion and antidepressant treatmentOuthred, Timothy
2002Imaging the in-between : training becomes performance in body weather practice in AustraliaSnow, Peter, 1954-
20-Mar-2016Imagining Australia: The Struggle to Locate Australian Identity in Peter Carey’s Early FictionDahlstrom, James
2011IMAP : design and implementation of an interactive and integrative programming environment for progressive multiple sequence alignment and phylogeny reconstructionGharazi, Elham; Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies
12-Jun-2015iMaster - Automated Mastering PluginParkyn, Luke