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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Government-housing : governing crime and disorder in public housing in New South WalesMartin, Christopher Luke.; Faculty of Law
2015Governmentality, Economics, Active Citizenship and Art: Reparations of an allodoxic mediaBrown, Jennifer Margaret
2007The Government’s Role in Supporting Creative InnovationLavarch, Linda
Jun-2007Grace Crowley's contribution to Australian modernism and geometric abstractionOttley, Dianne
8-Oct-2016Grace Under Pressure: a drama-based approach to tackling mistreatment of medical studentsScott, KM; Berlec, Š; Nash, L; Hooker, C; Dwyer, P; Macneill, P; River, J; Ivory, K
24-May-2013Graded Decomposition Numbers in Type AGibson, Matthew
1599[Gradual, proper of time].-
28-Nov-2016Graduate Studies in Health Policy - WebinarHuckel Schneider, Carmen; Wilson, Andrew; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2008Grain quality and end use of Kazakh wheat varietiesAbugalieva AI; Watts T; Morgunov AI; Butz AA
31-Oct-2005Grain Quality In The Pre-Milling PhaseSigmund, Bronwyn
Apr-2003Grain Science in Pacific Rim CountriesMiskelly, Di; Wrigley, Colin; Value Added Wheat CRC
2008Grain yield improvement through increased assimilates and efficient partitioning of photosynthetes in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L)Tyagi BS; Shoran J; Singh G; Rane J; Mishra B
Jan-2004Grains Research Organisations WorldwideSkerritt, John; Value Added Wheat CRC
7-Jun-2013Grainsize dynamics of granular flowsMarks, Benjamin
25-Nov-2013Grammar based feature generation for time-series predictionDe Silva, Anthony Mihirana
2001The grammar of Adang : a Papuan language spoken on the Island of Alor, East Nusa Tenggara, IndonesiaHaan, Johnson Welem; Department of Linguistics
Oct-2008A grammar of Barupu : a language of Papua New GuineaCorris, Miriam
2005Grammar of Barupu : a language of Papua New GuineaCorris, Miriam
1984A grammar of Kuniyanti : an Australian Aboriginal language of the southern Kimberley, Western AustraliaMcGregor, William Bernard
2001A grammar of Nias SelatanBrown, Lea