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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2018Friend Requests from the Force: Affective Mimicry, Intimate Imitations and a Softened Police ApparatusIhar, Zsuzsanna, Dominika
2009Friendly fire: Forced Friendship and Violent embraces in British-Tahitian first contactSimmonds, Alecia
17-Jun-2014Friendship after migration: The experiences of skilled migrants to AustraliaWestcott, Harriet
10-Aug-2010From 100 days in search of the Ramones to bury the hatchetCescon, Carla
May-2001From a belief in 'biology as destiny' to an environmental perspective of mental health: The impact of the Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene on education in Ontario, Canada, 1920-1950Cavanagh, Sheila L
2010From Abigall to Zenocrate: Patterns of learning and change in Marlowe’s womenHansen, Claire
2013From altruism to monetization: Australian women’s ideas about money, ethics and research eggsWaldby, C; Kerridge, I; Boulos, M; Carroll, K
1996From Anzus to seato-a study of Australian Foreign Policy 1950-54Umetsu, H
2003From Armageddon to Babylon: A sociological religious studies analysis of the decline of the Protestant prison chaplain as an institution with particular reference to the British and New South Wales prisons from the penitentiary to the present time.Macarthur, Melvyn John
1999From artefacts to the actions of people in prehistory : a behavioural study of the W2 stone artefact assemblage, Hunter valley, NSWWhite, Elizabeth
2008From authoritarian to democratic schooling – schooling that empowers young peopleWood, Ebony
7-Apr-2017From Bears to Birds: Extending the Application of Multidimensional Nutritional EcologyCoogan, Sean C P
28-Aug-2014From binary to analog fountain codes: design, theory, and applicationsShirvanimoghaddam, Mahyar
31-Aug-2017From boundary to development: The trajectory of Indigenous alliances and disputes for addressing development issues in northern ChileChoque Caseres, Dante
2013FROM CHARACTER TO CLOTH: Analysing Costume Design on ScreenLynch, Julie
2013From coexistence to interaction: influences between the virtual and the real in augmented reality.Schraffenberger, Hanna; Van der Heide, Edwin
2016From Cronyism to Oligarchy? Privatisation and Business Elites in MyanmarFord, Michele; Gillan, Michael; Htwe Htwe, Thein
2008From cytogenetic to molecular approach and backwards: investigations of grain quality in bread wheatErmakova MF; Pshenichnikova TA; Chistyakova AK; Shchukina LV; Osipova SV; Röder M; Börner A
30-Jun-2017From Dayton to Allied Force: A Diplomatic History of the 1998–99 Kosovo ConflictMcSweeney-Novak, Christian
19-Sep-2016From Divine Possession to Recollection: Ἐνθουσιασμός in PlatoSaw, Lacey Hui Ping