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22-Jul-2014Health Systems and Population Ageing in the Asia-Pacific Region: Challenges and Policy Options for the FuturePhua, Kai Hong; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2007Health, economic, and policy implications of an ageing AustraliaKendig, Hal; Phillips, Ruth; Phillips, Ruth
2007The health, economic, and policy implications of the aging Korean societyKang, Eun-jeong; Phillips, Ruth
2006Health, Medicine and the MediaHooker, C; Pols, H
2014Health, Welfare and the State: A study of the 1925 Australian Royal Commission on HealthWaters, Ann
2011Health-related content in Australian television advertisingBaker, Julia; Mullan, Barbara
1-Apr-2017Healthcare and research priorities of adolescents and young adults with systemic lupus erythematosus: a mixed-methods studyTunnicliffe, David J; Singh-Grewal, Davinder; Craig, Jonathan C; Howell, Martin; Tugwell, Peter; Mackie, Fiona; Lin, Ming-Wei; O’Neill, Sean G; Ralph, Angelique F; Tong, Allison
19-Oct-2015Healthcare of voiceless patients: speech pathology intervention for tracheostomy patients in intensive careFreeman-Sanderson, Amy Louise
27-Jul-2017The healthiness of food and beverage advertising on Sydney train stations: regulation and policy implicationsSainsbury, Emma; Colagiuri, Stephen; Magnusson, Roger; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
Apr-2016Healthy Food Environment Scoping ReviewHector, Debra; Boylan, Sinead; Lee, Amanda; Prevention Research Collaboration
2006Healthy Weight for Adults and Older Australians - A National Action Agenda to address overweight and obesity in adults and older Australians - 2006-2010Bauman, A; Baur, L; Caterson, I; Gill, T; Wise, M; Brown, W; Raymond, I; Lyle, D
15-Nov-2012Healthy Workplace Activities: At a GlanceMitchell, Julie Ann; Eden, Barbara; Dunn, Scott; Cramp, Jo; Chapman, Kathy; Jayewardene, Vikki; King, Lesley; St.George, Alexis; PANORG
15-Nov-2012Healthy Workplace Guide: Ten Steps to Implementing A Workplace Health ProgramMitchell, Julie Ann; Eden, Barbara; Dunn, Scott; Cramp, Jo; Chapman, Kathy; Jayewardene, Vikki; King, Lesley; St.George, Alexis; PANORG
17-Jul-2014Heart rate variability in anxiety disorders: at rest and under stressChalmers, John
17-Feb-2017Heart to Heart: Exploring Heart Rate Variability in Insomnia Patient SubtypesDodds, Kirsty Lyn
2014Heart valve prostheses in pregnancy: Outcomes for women and their babiesLawley, Claire M; Algert, Charles S; Ford, Jane B; Nippita, Tanya A; Figtree, Gemma A; Roberts, Christine L.; Clinical and Population Perinatal Health Research, Kolling Institute, University of Sydney
FoS_174.TIF.jpg4-Jan-1965The heat balance-
31-Mar-2014Heat shock response and exercise-induced muscle damage: effects of 17-AAG and glutamine as pharmaceutical inducers of HSPsOoi, Cheong Hwa
2012Heat transfer in microchannels : taylor flowLeung, Sharon Shui Yee
1996Heat transfer processes and stresses in vacuum glazingSimko, Thomas M (Thomas Matthew)