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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2013Hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oil model compounds on supported noble metal catalystsChen, Mengmeng
018.TIF.jpg8-Jan-1962The hydrofoil liner-
31-Aug-2015Hydrogen production from gasification of biomass on novel nano catalystsJin, Fangzhu
31-Mar-2014Hydrogen-rich synthesis gas production from biomass catalytic gasificationDong, Lisha
29-Jun-2016The hydrogeochemistry of shallow groundwater in Western Sydney: a study of salinisation processes in shallow groundwaterTaylor, Sarah Leanne
1984Hydrometallurgy of metal sulphites : a study of leaching and recovery in zinc sulphide-sulphur dioxide systemLarsen, Don Mark
14-Jan-2014Hydrothermal Treatment of Algal Biomass: from Batch to Continuous Pilot Plant OperationsJazrawi, Christopher
2005HygieneHooker, C
2006Hyper-communications (telematics) and the potential for population decentralisation from the Sydney metropolisJensen, Peter R
12-Dec-2016Hyperglycaemia in acute intracerebral haemorrhageSaxena, Anubhav
2001Hyperhistory: networked hypermedia and historical understanding in the Encyclopedia of Melbourne online projectBrown-May, Andrew
2013Hyperobject: homelandDawson, Paula
1-Mar-2016Hyperpolarized Nanodiamond for Magnetic Resonance ImagingRej, Ewa
30-Sep-2014Hyperspectral benthic mapping from underwater robotic platformsBongiorno, Daniel Luciano
12-Jan-2016Hypertension and Vitamin DKe, Liang
2001Hypertext and commentary writing: the Postmodern Bible Commentary projectBulkeley, Tim
1972Hypnosis In Clinical DentistryBenson, Peter E.; Faculty of Dentistry
1959Hypnotic behaviour : Fantasy or stimulationSutcliffe, J. P. (John Philip); Faculty of Arts, School of Psychology
13-Feb-2014Hypohydration during Prolonged Exercise in the HeatLer, Hui Yin
May-2005Hypothalamic Control of Bone Formation: Distinct Actions of Leptin and Y2 Receptor PathwaysBaldock, PA; Sainsbury, Amanda; Allison, S; Lin, EJD; Couzens, M; Boey, D; Enriquez, R; During, M; Herzog, H; Gardiner, EM