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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jul-2013Gravitational lensing of pulsars as a probe of dark matter halosvon Braun-Bates, Francesca
2008The Great British Binge Drinking DebateRedden, Guy; Department of Gender and Cultural Studies
24-Mar-2013The great Cyprus bank robberyBabones, Salvatore
Feb-2009Great expectations : individuals, work and familyMurray, John
Oct-2007Greater Bone Formation of Y2 Knockout Mice Is Associated with Increased Osteoprogenitor Numbers and Altered Y1 Receptor ExpressionLundberg, PA; Allison, SJ; Lee, NJ; Baldock, PA; Brouard, NJ; Rost, S; Enriquez, RF; Sainsbury, Amanda; Lamghari, M; Simmons, P; Eisman, JA; Gardiner, EM; Herzog, H
1999The Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority (TransLink) An Innovation in Transportation Governance and FundingPuil, George
2014The greatest voyage: Australian painters in the Paris salons, 1885-1939Gerard-Austin, Anne
29-May-2012The Greek crisis: One question, four answersBabones, Salvatore
27-Oct-2011The Greek debt crisis: What's going on in Europe?Babones, Salvatore
1999Greek sporting traditions in Australia : an historical study of ethnicity, gender and youthGeorgakis, Steve; Faculty of Arts
2016GREEK Stepping On Handouts (2016)Clemson, Lindy; Swann, Megan
8-Nov-2013Green Procedures for the Selective Aqueous-Phase Hydrogenation of Biomass-Derived Levulinic Acid to Gamma-Valerolactone. Innovative Design for Catalytic Recycle and RegenerationGottardo, Marina
2014Green transformations of bio-based chemicalsAlessio, Caretto
22-May-2013GREEN ware: Low-temperature ceramics incorporating recycled wasteSmout, Bretton
2013Green's art: new media aesthetics in pre- and post- election events in Iran.Ansari, Amin
13-May-2013‘Green’ and ‘Amber’ Foods: Analysing the Nutritional Content of Food and Beverage Products Registered with Healthy Kids Association.Innes-Hughes, Christine; Hebden, Lana; PANORG
2011Greeting the Stranger: Examining the (un)familiar in Australia’s detention historyParkinson, Naomi; Department of History
2003Ground water pumping analysis and its influence on pile foundationsNguyen, Viet Duong
Aug-2014Ground-based walking training improves quality of life and exercise capacity in COPDWootton, Sally; Ng, Cindy; McKeough, Zoe J; Jenkins, Sue; Hill, Kylie; Eastwood, Peter R; Hillman, David R; Cecins, Nola; Spencer, Lissa M; Jenkins, Christine; Alison, Jennifer A
14-Aug-2013A grounded theory analysis of early treatment motivation in Anorexia NervosaMadiwale, Shilpa