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2013'Good Mothering' or 'Good Citizenship'? Conflicting values in choosing whether to store or donate umbilical cord blood.Porter, E; Kerridge, I; Jordens, C
27-Jan-2012Good news and bad news about GDP growthBabones, Salvatore
Sep-2006Good Transitions: through the eyes of Primary and Secondary PrincipalsVinson, Tony; Harrison, Jen
3-Oct-2013Good, better or best: A study of standards of prevention and care in HIV prevention trialsHAIRE, Bridget Gabrielle
2010The Good, The Bad and The Morally Grey: The Ethics of Journalism in FilmLaw, Melinda; Department of Media and Communications
6-Jul-2015Goodwill Impairment: A study of Australian Companies 2007 - 2013Roberts, Roslyn Anne
Dec-2016Govern-Mentality: The Subjectification of Homo Economicus and Promulgation of Neoliberalism Through Behavioural EconomicsPrimrose, David Essex
14-Oct-2015Governance in the Eurozone: A Strategic Relational ApproachRennie, Anna Elisabeth; Department of Political Economy
2011Governance in value chain networks : the interplay between strategy, structure and boundary spanning interactionsBhattacharjya, Jyotirmoyee; Business School- The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies
26-Nov-2012Governing Indigenous Alterity: Towards A Sociology of Australian Indigenous IssuesWatson, Virginia; Sociology and Social Policy
Jul-2017Governing Privatisation (Equitisation) in Vietnam: an Inquiry within an Institutionalist PerspectiveLuu, Minh Duc
2014Governing through choice: Food labels and the confluence of food industry and public health discourse to create ‘healthy consumers’Mayes, C
Sep-2015The Government and Copyright: IntroductionGilchrist, John S
Sep-2015The Government and Copyright: Preliminary MaterialsGilchrist, John S
1991Government control and foreign investment : a study of foreign investment laws in Australia and ChinaMo, John; Faculty of Law
2010Government Data and the Invisible HandRobinson, David; Yu, Harlan; Zeller, William P.; Felten, Edward W.
1993Government Dental Services In AustraliaPeninska, Kinga Maria; Faculty of Dentistry
4-Apr-2013Government exists to serve the people, not the privilegedBabones, Salvatore
Jun-2008Government Export Support in a Global EraMolnar, Krisztina