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16-Dec-2014Immersive Imagined Cultures: Communicating the lived experience of cultural identity and memory through video installationPreston, Katherine Louise
1982Immigrant workers, trade union organisation and industrial strategyQuinlan, Michael; Department of Industrial Relations
2014Immigrants' perceptions of the quality of their cancer care - An Australian comparative study, identifying potentially modifiable factorsGoldstein, D; Bell, ML; Butow, PN; Sze, M; Vaccaro, L; Dong, S; Liauw, W; Hui, R; Tattersall, M; Ng, W; Asghari, R; Steer, C; Vardy, J; Parente, P; Harris, M; Karanth, NV; King, M; Girgis, A; Eisenbruch, M; Jefford, M
30-Jan-2012Immobility nationBabones, Salvatore
2-Jul-2015Immune Profiling of Systemic Lupus ErythematosusLee, Loretta Lok-Yan
4-Dec-2015Immune-Mediated Drug Induced Liver Injury: A Multidisciplinary ApproachHo, Samuel Siu On
30-Aug-2013Immunity of lawsonia intracellularis vaccination in pigsGomes Nogueira, Mariana
Jul-2014Immunity, sanitary behaviour and social structure of diseased ant coloniesCremer, Sylvia
1982Immunization Against Dental CariesSingh, Sukhdev; Faculty of Dentistry
1998Immunohistochemical Analysis Of Morphogens And Death Proteins In Palatal FusionNguyen, Chinh Xuan; Faculty of Dentistry
1993An Immunohistochemical And Ultrastructural Study Of The Giant Cell Granuloma Of The JawsLim, Lydia; Faculty of Dentistry
4-Jan-2016Immunohistochemical studies of obscurin in failing and non-failing human heartsKahramanian, Mamikon
25-Feb-2014Immunologic effects of the interferon lambda 3 genotype in chronic hepatitis CO'Connor, Kate
2004Immunological and inflammatory aspects of age-related macular degeneration measured by quantitative immunohistochemical techniquesWong, James Gilbert; Sydney Medical School; Discipline of Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health
1988Immunological Responses In Human Saliva With Acupuncture StimulationNg, Kevin K. W.; Faculty of Dentistry
2000Immunopathological characterisation of infectious diseases of the koala and the platypusConnolly, Joanne H.
2006Immunosuppression and malignancy in end stage kidney diseaseWebster, Angela Claire
22-Sep-2014The impact and management of diabetes among the Lebanese community in SydneyMustapha, Wissam Amin
2004Impact assessment of solid wastes from primary industries : an integrated approachHansen, Yvonne