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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2017Genomic variation of Salmonella Typhimurium and dynamics of epidemicsSotomayor Castillo, Cristina Fabiola
2008Genomics goes chromosomal to explore the wheat genomeDolezel, J; Simkova, H; Safar, J; Suchankova, P; Bartos, J; Kubalakova, M; Cihalikova, J
Jul-2014Genomics of caste determination and social parasitism in harvester antsSmith, Chris; Mikheyev, Alexander; Gadau, J├╝rgen; Helms Cahan, Sara; Suarez, Andrew
2008The genomics of stem rust resistance in wheatKnott DR
29-Aug-2017Genomics Studies of Two Cereal Rust Fungi with a Focus on Avirulence Gene SearchesChen, Jiapeng
2011Genomics, health records, database linkage and privacyter Meulen, RHJ; Newson, A.J.; Kennedy, M-R; Schofield, B
1999Genotype and environment effects on feed grain qualityO'Brien, L
11-Sep-2014Genotype and environmental influences on grain quality characteristics of Australian wheat varietiesAl-Fadly, Molook
10-Feb-2015Genotype-Phenotype Correlations in PorphyriaCheong, Pak Leng
2008Genotypic variation in the expression levels of antioxidative genes in Triticum aestivum and their association with carbon assimilation related traits in abiotic stress prone environmentsXue GP; McIntyre CL; Shorter R
30-Jun-2016Genotypic, environmental and leaf anatomical effects on mesophyll conductance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)Jahan, Eisrat
2014A Gentle Ethical Defence of HomeopathyLevy, David Claude; Gadd, B; Kerridge, I; Komesaroff, P
1977Geochemistry, geochronology and fluid inclusion studies of prophyry copper mineralization at the Koloula igneous complex, guadalcanal, Solomon IslandsChivas, A. R. (Allan Ross); School of Geosciences
Aug-2007Geodesics, General Relativity and SpacetimeBarnes, Luke Andrew
1971Geographic variation and speciation in the swordgrass brown butterfly, Tisiphone abeona donovanConroy, B. A. (Brian Alfred); School of Biology
29-Aug-2017Geographical divergence of behavioural traits in the invasive cane toad (Rhinella Marina)Gruber, Jodie Elizabeth
10-Mar-2017Geographical Hot Spot Analysis of ATAPS for Policy PlanningMaas, Cailin; Salinas, JA; Fernandez, A; Salvador-Carulla, L; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2014Geographical indications in commodity chain analysis: policy and resource rentsNizam-Bilgic, Derya
16-May-2012Geographies of CinemaRochford, Julia Jane
12-Nov-2012A Geography of ResistanceNyerges, Aaron