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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002The geology and genesis of high-grade sapphire deposits in the New England Gemfields, Central Volcanic ProvincePecover, Simon Robert
1961Geology of the Bungendore-Hoskinstown districtRead, Richard A
1961The geology of the Rylstone-Upper Goulburn river district : with particular reference to the petrology and mineralogy of the alkaline intrusionsDay, Judith Agnes Fraser.; Department of Geology
1952The geology of the South-Eastern portion of the island of Santa Yaabel and the island of San Jorge ... ; [and] Mineragraphic studies of ores from the Lloyd Copper mine, N.S.W., and from Webb's Consols mine, Emmaville, N.S.W.Stanton, R. L.; Department of Geology
21-Mar-2016The Geometric Framework and Nutrition in Older AgeWaern, Rosilene Ventura Ribeiro
17-Dec-2015Geometric phase and periodic orbits of the equal-mass, planar three-body problem with vanishing angular momentumRose, Danya Bensel
2005Geometric Seifert 4-manifolds with aspherical basesKemp, M.C.
17-Apr-2014Geometric singular perturbation analysis of mixed-mode dynamics in pituitary cellsVo, Theodore
2012The geometry of human nutritionSimpson, Stephen J.; Raubenheimer, David
2007A geophysical and hydrological investigation of palaeochannels in northern New South WalesVanags, Christopher P; Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
28-Oct-2016George Enescu His influence as a violinist and pedagogueKim, Ji Won
2013Germany, Palestine, Israel and the (Post-)Colonial ImaginationBraach-Maksvytis, Martin
31-Aug-2016Germination-related cell death in the aleurone layer of malting barleyDaneri Castro, Sergio Nicolas
2008Germplasm enhancement in bread wheat targeting quality characteristicsHassani ME; Shariflou MR; Bariana HS; Sharp PJ
29-Nov-2012Gesture as Communication: The Art of Carlos KleiberWatson, Carolyn Narelle
2013Gesture, sound and place.Alsop, Roger; Pedersen, Mark
2013GestureCloud: gesture, surplus value and collaborative art exchange.Doyle, Judith; Jun, Fei
2001"Getting a Life": a collaborative project in the digitisation of the Mary Shelley manuscript biography of William GodwinGoggin, Gerard; Barbour, Judith
1999Getting Back On-Track or Going Off the Rails? An Assessment of Ownership and Organisational Reform of Railways in Western EuropeShires, Jeremy; Preston, John
Apr-2011Getting evidence into policy: The need for deliberative strategies?Flitcroft, K; Gillespie, James; Salkeld, G; Carter, SM; Trevena, L