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Mar-2005Globalisation, gender and teachers' employmentBamberry, Larissa Joy
Jun-2016Globalizing the Ethics of Care: Policy, Transformation, and JudgmentGreenswag, Kari Meta
2009GlossaryPellow, Belinda J.
29-Feb-2016Glucocorticoid Signalling in Osteoblasts during Ageing and Chronic StressHenneicke, Holger
24-Feb-2017Glucose conjugation to increase the uptake of metal complexes by cancer cellsGlenister, Alexandra
1994The glucosyltransferases of Streptococcus salivariusSimpson, Christine L; Faculty of Dentistry
Jan-2012Glutamate transporter dysfunction associated with nerve injury-induced pain in miceNapier, Ian A.; Mohammadi, Sarasa A.; Christie, MacDonald J.; Discipline of Pharmacology
2008The glutaredoxin gene family in wheat functions beyond redox homeostasis regulationZiemann M; Zachgo S; Bhave M
Jun-2004Gluten Uses and Food Industry NeedsDay, Li; Batey, Ian L; Wrigley, Colin W; Augustin, Mary-Anne; Value Added Wheat CRC
21-Oct-2010The glycemic index (GI) and sleep: Efficacy of a high GI mixed macronutrient meal to improve sleep qualityHerrera, Christopher P
Aug-2014Glycine transport inhibitors for the treatment of pain.Vandenberg, Robert J.; Ryan, Renae M.; Carland, Jane E.; Imlach, Wendy L.; Christie, Macdonald J.; Discipline of Pharmacology
30-Jun-2016The glycoprotein Basigin in liver diseaseLee, Aimei Yen-Jia
Nov-2014Glycyrrhizic Acid Can Attenuate Metabolic Deviations Caused by a High-Sucrose Diet without Causing Water Retention in Male Sprague-Dawley RatsFernando, HA; Chandramouli, C; Rosli, D; Lam, YL; Yong, ST; Yaw, HP; Ton, SH; Kadir, K; Sainsbury, Amanda
1994Glyoxylate aminotransferases and ureide catabolism in the developing fruits of legumesRoberts, Thomas Hugh
5-Feb-2016Goal setting with older people in acute care before and after discharge: Occupational therapists' perspectivesDocker, Melissa; Mackenzie, Lynette; Clemson, Lindy; Discipline of Occupational Therapy
31-Dec-2016The ‘Goal-Corrected Partnership’ in Attachment Theory: A Critical Assessment of the Research ProgrammeKeith, Kevin Patrick
2007The goals of a good national system: placing priority on the wellbeing of childrenCass, Bettina; Hill, Elizabeth; Pocock, Barbara; Elliott, Alison
24-Mar-2016God and Tawhid in Classical Islamic Theology and Said Nursi's Risale-i NurOzalp, Mehmet
2013God’s Comics: Religious Humour in Contemporary Evangelical Christian and Mormon ComedyMcIntyre, Elisha
13-Feb-2017God’s Intellectual Battles: William Lane Craig, Philosophical Arguments, and Public EngagementLataster, Raphael Christopher