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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The global diffusion of inequality since 1970Babones, Salvatore; University of Sydney
2010Global export partner concentration since 1980: Trends in dependency and globalisationBabones, Salvatore; Farabee-Siers, Robin
2005Global integration of Turkish finance capital : state, capital and banking reform in TurkeyG�_ltekin-Karaka��, Derya.; School of Economics and Political Science, Faculty of Economics and Business
Jul-2014Global life trait spectra of resource exploitation in European antsCerda, Xim; Retana, Javier; Arnan, Xavier; Angulo, Elena; Boulay, Raphael
2013Global mind field - a cybernetic perspectiveCasey, Karen; Smith, Damian
2014Global Modernity, the Labouring Subject and the Contemporary Indian NovelBroom, Julia
25-Aug-2017Global Multi-Regional Input-Output Database Update and Its Social ApplicationsXiao, Yanyan
Jul-2014Global Population Structure and Invasion History of Solenopsis geminataGotzek, Dietrich; Axen, Heather; Helms Cahan, Sara; Shoemaker, DeWayne; Suarez, Andrew
2015Global quotations: David Foster Wallace and world literatureThompson, Lucas Jesse
11-Oct-2016Global statistics of banded random matrices and the Poisson/Gaudin--Mehta conjectureSwan, Andrew
Jul-2014The global termite functional diversity anomaly: are there ecological consequences?Eggleton, Paul
17-Oct-2017Global Thought, Local Action: Australian Activism during the Vietnam War 1961-1972Irving, Nicholas Roger
21-May-2015Global Tobacco Control : Achievements and Challenges - Kenneth Warner - University of MichiganWarner, Kenneth; Sydney School of Public Health
2013The Global Union Federations and Temporary Labour Migration in MalaysiaFord, Michele
2015The Global Union Federations in International Industrial Relations: A Critical ReviewFord, Michele; Gillan, Michael
2007Global warming and discourses of uncertainty: buying time, buying business and engendering riskRosewarne, Stuart; Birch, Gavin
2011Globalisation and Comparative Capitalism: The Industrial Relations of Volkswagen and Ford in South African Export ZonesCartwright, Madison; Department of Government and International Relations
Nov-1999Globalisation and culture: tension in educational policy reformDimmock, Clive; Walker, Allan
Nov-1995Globalisation and its impact on the world of workGollan, Paul J.
Dec-2017Globalisation and the ethics of transnational biobank networksDive, Lisa Lehrer; Mason, P; Light, E; Kerridge, I; Lipworth, W