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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Genetic analysis of wheat rust resistance genes segregating in a Kariega x Avocet S populationPrins R; Pretorius ZA; Lehmensiek A; Bender CM
2008Genetic and genomic dissection of powdery mildew resistance genes derived from wild Emmer (Triticum dicoccoides)Liu ZY; Xie CJ; Hua W; Zhu J; Liu ZJ; Song W; Han J; Ji XL; Wang YJ; Guan HY; Zhang LS; Yang TM; Sun QX
31-Mar-2017The genetic and mechanistic basis of worker sterility in the honey beeRonai, Isobel
9-Jan-2013Genetic and molecular analyses of barley for seedling and adult plant resistance against rust diseasesSandhu, Karanjeet Singh
Nov-2007Genetic and molecular analysis of resistance to rust diseases in barleyGolegaonkar, Prashant G
29-Jan-2016Genetic and molecular characterisation of resistance to rust diseases in barleyElmansour, Huda Mohamed Elkhalifa
2008Genetic and molecular genetic characterization of the Japanese early heading cultivar of wheatTanio M; Nishida H; Kato, K
2008Genetic and monosomic analysis of spike speltoidy introgressed into bread wheat from Aegilops speltoides TauschSimonov AV; Mazurova AA; Pshenichnikova TA
2016Genetic and pathology studies of the Hordeum Vulgare: Puccinia Hordei PathosystemKavanagh, Paul
2008Genetic and phenotypic mapping for leaf rust resistance; Lr34 in Indian bread wheat populationSaharan MS; Tiwari R; Krattinger SG; Keller B; Priyamvada; Mishra B
2008A genetic and physical map of the short arm of rye chromosome 1 (1RS)Kofler R; Gong L; Resch K; Lelley T
2008Genetic and physiological dissection of transpiration efficiency in wheatRebetzke GJ; Condon AG; Farquhar GD; McIntyre CL; Richards RA
Oct-2014A genetic approach to galaxy interactionsGuglielmo, Magda
2014Genetic architecture of the Tetragonula carbonaria species complex of Australian stingless bees (Hymenoptera, Apidae, Meliponini)Brito, Rute Magalhães; de Oliveira Francisco, Flávio; Ho, Simon Y. W.; Oldroyd, Benjamin Paul; School of Biological Sciences
1968Genetic Aspects Of Oral And Dental Disease And DevelopmentHarris, G.S.; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-2014Genetic bases of collective decisions in DrosophilaClarke, Ireni; Simpson, Stephen; Lihoreau, Mathieu
28-Jan-2014Genetic Basis for O-antigen Diversity in Escherichia coli and Salmonella entericaHong, Yaoqin
Jul-2014The genetic basis of mutualism in Pseudomyrmex plant-antsRubin, Benjamin; Moreau, Corrie
2008The genetic characterisation of adult plant resistance (APR) to yellow rust in the winter wheat cultivar ClairePowell N; Berry S; Boyd LA
2008Genetic characterization of seedling and adult plant resistance against three rust diseases in the 22nd SAWSN CIMMYT NurserySingh B; Bansal UK; Bariana HS