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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2015Animal bones in Australian archaeology: a field guide to common native and introduced speciesFillios, Melanie; Blake, Natalie
May-2007Animal Visibility and and Equality in Liberal Democratic StatesO'Sullivan, Siobhan
Oct-2016Animal Welfare in Australia: Front Matter and IntroductionChen, Peter John
AnimalWelfare_Fig 4.2.jpg.jpgOct-2016Animal Welfare in Australia: Images and GraphsChen, Peter John
Oct-2016Animal Welfare in Australia: Policy Network MapChen, Peter John
2016Animal welfare in Australia: politics and policyChen, Peter John
Oct-2015Animals in Capital: A Marxist Perspective on the Use of Other Animals in Capitalist Commodity ProductionLittleton, Eliza; Department of Political Economy
2012Animals-as-patients: improving the practice of animal experimentationJohnson, J; Degeling, C
2002Animation in relational information visualizationFriedrich, Carsten
Mar-1989Anindilyakwa phonology and morphologyLeeding, Velma J
3-Jun-2013Ankle Syndesmosis InjurySman, Amy Denise
26-Jun-2017The Annexation Crisis and its Repercussions on Australian-German RelationsRoesch, Rainald
2006The Annodex platformStephens, Shane
2-Nov-2005Annual Report 1998/1999Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production
2000Annual Report 1999University of Sydney
2-Nov-2005Annual Report 1999/2000Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production
2001Annual Report 2000University of Sydney
2-Nov-2005Annual Report 2000/2001Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Rice Production
2002Annual Report 2001University of Sydney
2003Annual Report 2002University of Sydney