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Jul-2014Ant-microbe metabolic integration supporting the nutrition of agricultural pest leaf-cuttersBacci, Mauricio; Marchiori, Ana Carolina; Ferro, Milene; Silva, Aline
29-Aug-2013Antagonising the CXCL12 pathway with AMD3100 inhibits skin cancerSARCHIO, Seri Narti Edayu
2008Antecedents of renal disease in aboriginal children (ARDAC study)Haysom, Leigh; Faculty of Medicine
Jul-2014Antennal cropping in the Asian dry-wood termite, Neotermes koshunensisMiyaguni, Yasushi; Sugio, Koji; Tsuji, Kazuki
1990Anterior Open-Bite Diagnosis And TreatmentGluhin, Olga; Faculty of Dentistry
2012Anthologies and the anti-republic of Australia gay lesbian poetryVickery, Ann
30-Oct-2015Anthropocene: Human Influence on Evolution and the BiosphereKannar-Lichtenberger, Lea
2012Anthropogenic and environmental risk factors for rabies occurrence in Bhutan.Tenzin; Dhand, Navneet K.; Ward, Michael P.; Veterinay Science
Dec-2013Anti-coagulation, anti-platelets or no therapy in haemodialysis patients with atrial fibrillation: a decision analysisWyld, ML; Clayton, PA; Morton, Rachael L; Chadban, SJ
26-Nov-2013Anti-coagulation, anti-platelets or no therapy in haemodialysis patients with atrial fibrillation: A decision analysisWyld, M; Clayton, P; Morton, Rachael L; Chadban, S
5-Oct-2009Anti-Doping Policy: Rationale or Rationalisation?Amos, Anne
2010Anti-money laundering : a risk perspectiveLester, Zoƫ Ruth; Faculty of Economics and Business
1992Anti-Trust, Deregulation and the Identification of PredationKatsoulacos, Y.
1-Sep-2014Anti-tumour actions of w-3 epoxyfatty acid analogues in breast cancer cellsEziwar Dyari, Herryawan Ryadi Bin
1967The anticariognic effect of systemic and topical fluoridesSalazar, Brenda A; Faculty of Dentistry
2000Anticipating a unique Chinese cosmopolitan space : Shanghai urbanism re-presentedRao, Ying
Aug-2014Antidepressant use in adolescents: pharmacoepidemiological and neurobehavioural perspectivesKaranges, Emily
Jul-2014Antifungal effect of silver nanoparticles on Rickia wasmannii infected antsTalas, Lazlo; Tanczos, Bence; Tartally, Andras; Nagy, Gabor
Jul-2014Antimicrobial production and the evolution of eusociality in the gall-inducing thrips of AustraliaCoates, Peterson; Stow, Adam; Chapman, Tom; Turnbull, Christine; Beattie, Andrew
2-Sep-2013Antioxidants protect against renal oxidation and inflammation, but not acute kidney injury following experimental rhabdomyolysisSHANU, Anu