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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007An Analysis Of Factors Affecting Bone Loss Around Osseointegrated Implants In The Edentulous MaxillaHell, Peter G; Faculty of Dentistry
22-Dec-2017An Analysis of Flute Works by Fukushima Kazuo and Yuasa Jōji, Exploring the Influence of Japanese Nō Theatre and Nōkan Performance Practice.Moore, Breeanna
3-Apr-2018Analysis of Fractionally Differenced Processes with Heteroscedastic ErrorsYuan, Huimin
2008Analysis of genetic diversity in wild diploid wheat Triticum boeoticum from West of Iran using RAPD; AFLP and SSR markersMalaki M; Naghavi MR; Alizadeh H; Tabatabaei F; Mardi M; Potki P
2012The analysis of group and single person food intolerance reactionsWatkins, Tim
Jun-2008ANALYSIS OF INDIGENOUS HEALTH BUDGET 2008-09Russell, Lesley; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
1-Jul-2013An Analysis of Investor Trading Behaviour and Its Impact on Trade Execution, Market Quality and Stock ReturnsRose, Annica Elizabeth
2-Dec-2013Analysis of multiply antibiotic-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii belonging to Global Clone 1Hamidian, Mohammad
1978An analysis of Music for Japan by Peter SculthorpeBlom, Diana Mary; Department of Music
11-Apr-2011Analysis of oxygen saturation levels recorded during dental intravenous sedations - a retrospective quality assurance of 3500 casesViljoen, André John
2017Analysis of pCERC7, a small antibiotic resistance plasmid from a commensal ST131 Escherichia coli, defines a diverse group of plasmids that include various segments adjacent to a multimer resolution site and encode the same NikA relaxase accessory protein enabling mobilisationMoran, Robert A; Hall, Ruth M
30-Aug-2013Analysis of persistent and antibiotic resistant commensal Escherichia coli from healthy adultsAnantham, Sashindran
2008Analysis of Pina and Pinb alleles in the micro-core collections of Chinese wheat germplasm by Ecotilling and identification of a novel Pinb alleleWang J; Sun J; Liu D; Yang W; Wang D; Tong Y; Zhang A
5-Dec-2013Analysis of placental gene expression profile in pregnancies affected by fetal growth restriction and macrosomiaSabri, Amin
2008Analysis of promoters in transgenic wheatFurtado A; Henry R; Pellegrineschi A
13-Dec-2010Analysis of root resorption after light and heavy extrusive orthodontic forces.Jimenez, Vanessa; Faculty of Dentistry
1965The analysis of settlement of foundations on clay soils under three-dimensional conditionsPoulos, H. G., 1940-; Faculty of Engineering
1972Analysis of settlement of piles and pile groups in clay soilsMattes, Neil Stanley
1-Mar-2018Analysis of Singular Solutions of Certain Painlevé EquationsTwiton, Michael
2004Analysis of Some Linear and Nonlinear Time Series ModelsAinkaran, Ponnuthurai