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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2014Analysis of a new family of DC-DC converters with input-parallel output-series structureOstos Giraldo, Juan Carlos
1974An analysis of arrival directions and shower front curvatures of large air showers observed by the Sugar arrayDenehy, Brian Vaughan; Faculty of Arts
May-1981An Analysis of Asset Holdings in Australia by Income ClassYates, Judith; Economics
20-Feb-2014Analysis of Australian multiply-antibiotic resistant Acinetobacter baumannii belonging to global clone 2Nigro, Steven
30-Sep-2011Analysis of Biomarkers related to PsoriasisMeyer, MIchael; Sydney School of Public Health
2005Analysis Of Buried Flexible Pipes In Granular Backfill Subjected To Construction TrafficCameron, Donald Anthony
31-Aug-2014Analysis of CD4 T cell-dependent skin and islet graft rejectionLoh, Yik Wen
1993An Analysis Of Cephalometric Criteria Used For The Diagnosis Of Skeletal Open BiteBleakley, Joseph E; Faculty of Dentistry
1998Analysis of Cepheid SpectraTaylor, Melinda Marie
22-Jan-2016Analysis of coelom development in the sea urchin Holopneustes purpurescens yielding a deuterostome body planMorris, Valerie B.
Oct-1996Analysis of Crash Patterns at Signalised IntersectionsOgden, K W; Newstead, S V; ITLS
15-Mar-2011Analysis of Current Grounded Theory Method PracticesRaduescu, Corina; Vessey, Iris; Business and Information Systems
1996Analysis Of Decentralised Dental Services In Papua New GuineaGwale, Bais; Faculty of Dentistry
1957An Analysis Of Deep Overbite In OrthodonticsMullally, R. H; Faculty of Dentistry
2007Analysis Of Elemental Composition Using Proton Induced X-Ray And Gamma Ray Emissions In - Part 1: Orthodontically Induced Root Resorption Craters Of Rat Molar Cementum Following Exposure To Systemic Fluoride; - Part 2: Human Cementum (A) Following Heavy And Light Orthodontic Forces (B) Orthodontically Induced Root Resorption Craters.Lim, Elaine; Faculty of Dentistry
2007An Analysis Of Factors Affecting Bone Loss Around Osseointegrated Implants In The Edentulous MaxillaHell, Peter G; Faculty of Dentistry
22-Dec-2017An Analysis of Flute Works by Fukushima Kazuo and Yuasa Jōji, Exploring the Influence of Japanese Nō Theatre and Nōkan Performance Practice.Moore, Breeanna
3-Apr-2018Analysis of Fractionally Differenced Processes with Heteroscedastic ErrorsYuan, Huimin
2008Analysis of genetic diversity in wild diploid wheat Triticum boeoticum from West of Iran using RAPD; AFLP and SSR markersMalaki M; Naghavi MR; Alizadeh H; Tabatabaei F; Mardi M; Potki P
2012The analysis of group and single person food intolerance reactionsWatkins, Tim