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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989An Analytical Study Of The Undergraduate Orthodontics CurriculumThunya-Udom, Teera; Faculty of Dentistry
2001Anamuxra : a language of Madang Province, Papua New GuineaIngram, Andrew.
2011The Anarcho-Syndicalist Platform for Indigenous Rights: A Trans-National study of Settler-colonialism, White Labourism and the International Worker‟s of the World in Australia and South AfricaWisely, Mark; Department of History
Jul-2014Anarchy in the honeybee colony: genetic basis of worker sterilityRonai, Isobel; Vergoz, Vanina; Lim, Julianne; Oldroyd, Benjamin P.
Dec-2015The Anatomy of Accolades and their Related Communications: A Case Study of the Nobel PrizesSwiatek, Lukasz Marcin
19-Dec-2007Anatomy of State FailureTownshend, Ashley; Department of Government and International Relations
CheseldenAnatomy1773.tif.jpg1773The anatomy of the human body. 10th ed. / with forty copper plates engrav'd by Ger. Vandergucht.Cheselden, William
18-Aug-2013Anatomy of the odontocete tympano-periotic complex in regard to sound conductionMarch, Duan Tomas
21-Aug-2017Anatomy, behaviour and physiology of the marine isopod, Cirolana harfordiSalma, Umme
27-Aug-2008Ancestral Spaces: Time, Memory and the Liminal Experience of PaintingPurcell, Marisa
2013The Anchor of Life: Triumphs and crises in the Australian wheat- growing, flour milling and bread industries from 1880- 1939.Chambers, Ronald Bruce; Department of History
2007Anchorage in Aboriginal affairs: A. P. Elkin on religious continuity and civic obligationLane, Jonathon
8-Oct-2008Ancient remains database, historical maps and GIS in landscape analysisSvedjemo, Gustav; Gotland University
2010“And I was like ‘ah yeah, what are they talking about?’” – The use of quotatives in New Zealand EnglishTerraschke, Agnes
1974" ... and then we killed" : an attempt to understand the fighting history of the Upper Kaironk Valley Kalam from 1914-1962.Riebe, Inge
Oct-1982Andrés de Torrentes (1510-1580), Spanish polyphonist and chapelmaster : Opera omnia, biography and source studyNoone, Michael John
1982Andrés de Torrentes (1510-1580), Spanish polyphonist and chapelmaster : Opera omnia, biography and source studyNoone, Michael John
2014Angiopoietin 1 and 2 serum concentrations in first trimester of pregnancy as biomarkers of adverse pregnancy outcomesSchneuer, Francisco J.; Roberts, Christine L.; Ashton, Anthony W.; Guilbert, Cyrille; Tasevski, Vitomir; Morris, Jonathan M.; Nassar, Natasha