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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015An analysis of the morphology and submarine landslide potential of the upper and middle continental slope offshore Fraser Island, Queensland, AustraliaFletcher, Melissa Julie-Anne
2009An Analysis Of The Physical Properties Of Human Dental Cementum Of Premolar Teeth Using MicroindentationClark, Gary James; Faculty of Dentistry
2001An analysis of the relationship between mood states, sense of self, flow and personal constructs in anorexia nervosa participantsScicluna, Helen
2009Analysis of the structural characteristics of the station catchment area in JapanSanko, Nobuhiro; Shoji, Kenichi
2006An Analysis Of Treatment Outcome And Quality Of Life Following Implant RehabilitationHar, David John; Faculty of Dentistry
2017An analysis on institutional preparedness to bus route tendering in the context of a fragmented liberalized market: case study of Harare, ZimbabweMbara, Tatenda; Dumba, Smart
Oct-2008Analytical modeling of HSUPA-enabled UMTS networks for capacity planningLiu, Tuo
1989An Analytical Study Of The Undergraduate Orthodontics CurriculumThunya-Udom, Teera; Faculty of Dentistry
2001Anamuxra : a language of Madang Province, Papua New GuineaIngram, Andrew.
2011The Anarcho-Syndicalist Platform for Indigenous Rights: A Trans-National study of Settler-colonialism, White Labourism and the International Worker‟s of the World in Australia and South AfricaWisely, Mark; Department of History
Jul-2014Anarchy in the honeybee colony: genetic basis of worker sterilityRonai, Isobel; Vergoz, Vanina; Lim, Julianne; Oldroyd, Benjamin P.
Dec-2015The Anatomy of Accolades and their Related Communications: A Case Study of the Nobel PrizesSwiatek, Lukasz Marcin
19-Dec-2007Anatomy of State FailureTownshend, Ashley; Department of Government and International Relations
CheseldenAnatomy1773.tif.jpg1773The anatomy of the human body. 10th ed. / with forty copper plates engrav'd by Ger. Vandergucht.Cheselden, William
18-Aug-2013Anatomy of the odontocete tympano-periotic complex in regard to sound conductionMarch, Duan Tomas
21-Aug-2017Anatomy, behaviour and physiology of the marine isopod, Cirolana harfordiSalma, Umme
27-Aug-2008Ancestral Spaces: Time, Memory and the Liminal Experience of PaintingPurcell, Marisa
2013The Anchor of Life: Triumphs and crises in the Australian wheat- growing, flour milling and bread industries from 1880- 1939.Chambers, Ronald Bruce; Department of History
2007Anchorage in Aboriginal affairs: A. P. Elkin on religious continuity and civic obligationLane, Jonathon