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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010ANALYSIS OF THE 2010-2011 HEALTH AND AGEING BUDGETRussell, Lesley; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2009ANALYSIS OF THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT’S 2009-2010 INDIGENOUS BUDGETRussell, Lesley; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
1-Jun-2017Analysis of the binding specificity of dopamine-2 receptor antibodies in paediatric autoimmune movement and psychiatric disordersSinmaz, Nese
Jul-2007An Analysis of the Causes of Death in Darlinghurst Gaol 1867-1914 and the Fate of the Homeless in Nineteenth Century SydneyNorrie, Philip Anthony
13-Apr-2015An analysis of the community treatment order system in New South WalesLight, E
Jun-1981An Analysis of the Distributional Impact of Imputed Rent TaxationYates, Judith; Economics
2-May-2016An analysis of the experimental and theoretical charge density distributions of the piroxicam-saccharin co-crystal and its constituentsDu, Jonathan J.; Váradi, Linda; Williams, Peter A.; Groundwater, Paul W.; Overgaard, Jacob; Platts, James A.; Hibbs, David E.
2000Analysis of the failure of the implementation of intellectual property laws in IndonesiaKusumadara, Afifah
7-Jul-2015Analysis of the Federal Health Budget and Related Provisions 2015-16Russell, Lesley; Menzies Centre for Health Policy; Menzies Centre for Health Policy
2008Analysis of the functional relationships of garnetocidal genesFriebe, BR; Gill, BS
10-May-2017Analysis of the modification of four-wave mixing phase matching by stimulated Brillouin scatteringHaidar, El-Abed
Jun-2015An analysis of the morphology and submarine landslide potential of the upper and middle continental slope offshore Fraser Island, Queensland, AustraliaFletcher, Melissa Julie-Anne
2009An Analysis Of The Physical Properties Of Human Dental Cementum Of Premolar Teeth Using MicroindentationClark, Gary James; Faculty of Dentistry
2001An analysis of the relationship between mood states, sense of self, flow and personal constructs in anorexia nervosa participantsScicluna, Helen
2009Analysis of the structural characteristics of the station catchment area in JapanSanko, Nobuhiro; Shoji, Kenichi
31-Jan-2018Analysis of the variation in the object of study in finance lectures and the significance for developing teaching abilitiesLi, Fangfang
2006An Analysis Of Treatment Outcome And Quality Of Life Following Implant RehabilitationHar, David John; Faculty of Dentistry
2017An analysis on institutional preparedness to bus route tendering in the context of a fragmented liberalized market: case study of Harare, ZimbabweMbara, Tatenda; Dumba, Smart
Oct-2008Analytical modeling of HSUPA-enabled UMTS networks for capacity planningLiu, Tuo