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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005“An ample and very poetical narrative”: the vicissitudes of “La Pia” between the literary and oral traditions.Barwick, Linda; PARADISEC, School of Literature, Art and Media
2008Amplification profiles of the SSR markers in cultivars of hexaploid wheat and their relativesNitta M; Nasuda S
May-2005Amylose content of Triticosecale sp. and Triticum timophevii germplasmDennett, Angela; Value Added Wheat CRC
21-Mar-2017Analogues of Desferrioxamine B Produced using Semi-Synthetic Chemistry and Precursor-Directed BiosynthesisTelfer, Thomas James
2002Analyses Of Microbial Populations Associated With Carious PulpitisMartin, Fjelda Elizabeth; Faculty of Dentistry
2002Analyses of microbial populations associated with carious pulpitsMartin, Fjelda Elizabeth
28-Aug-2014Analyses of Signatures of Selection in the Bovine GenomeRandhawa, Imtiaz Ahmed Sajid
Nov-2014Analysing air operators’ managerial perceptions of incentives for competing for regional PSO air services within EuropeMerkert, Rico; O’Fee, Basil; ITLS
21-Feb-2017Analysing Disaster Impact Using Advanced ComputationSchulte in den Baumen, Hagen
15-Sep-2014Analysing Finance and Production in the Contemporary Capitalist EraChester, Lynne; Newman, Susan; Department of Political Economy
Mar-2011Analysing speeding behaviour: A multilevel modelling approachFamilar, Russell; Greaves, Stephen; Ellison, Adrian; ITLS
2-Nov-2005Analysing the Benefits of Growing Crops after Rice in the Rice Growing Areas in AustraliaFaour, Khaled; Singh, Rajinder; Humphreys, E; Smith, David; Mullen, John
31-Jul-2013Analysing the effects of travel information on public transport traveller’s decision making and learningPoon, Joe Fai
6-Jul-2016Analysing the Social Triple Bottom Line Impacts of International TradeAlsamawi, Ali Ismael Mohommed
30-Jun-2017Analysing Torture Porn through Distended Fetish Images: Female Identities, Metamorphosis and AgencyGregory, Desiree Jayne
30-Aug-2013Analysing, visualising and supporting collaborative learning using interactive tabletopsMartinez Maldonado, Roberto
14-Aug-2017Analysis and application of brain imaging data from a large clinical trial of blood pressure lowering in acute intracerebral haemorrhageDelcourt, Candice E.L. M.J.
Apr-2006Analysis and Evaluation of Incentive Compatible Dynamic Mechanisms for Carrier CollaborationFigliozzi, Miguel Andres; ITLS
1998Analysis and optimisation of highly loaded jointsRispler, Adrian Roberto
1957An Analysis And Review Of Cleft Lip And Cleft Palate ProblemsCumming, John; Faculty of Dentistry