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1-Mar-2015High-voltage activated calcium current subtypes in mouse DRG neurons adapt in a subpopulation-specific manner after nerve injury.Murali, S.; Napier, I.; Mohammadi, S.; Alewood, P.; Lewis, R.; Christie, M.; Discipline of Pharmacology
Nov-2002Higher education research in China: Past, present, and prospectPan, Maoyuan; Li, Jun; Chen, Xiaohong
18-Sep-2013A higher minimum Down UnderBabones, Salvatore
25-Mar-2014Higher taxes on higher incomesBabones, Salvatore
FoS_143.TIF.jpg8-Jun-1964The higher, the faster-
-Hildegart and the Making of a New Generation in Spain, 1914-1933Pattison, Micaela
2016HINDI Stepping On Handouts (2016)Clemson, Lindy; Swann, Megan
2014Hip-hop and whiteness in post-race America.Morrissey, Tara Suzanne
24-Feb-2015Hippocampal volume in older persons ‘at risk’ of dementia: Relationships with cognitive function and modifiable risk factorsElcombe, Emma Leonie Marion
May-2006Hippopotamus is so hard to say: Children's acquisition of polysyllabic wordsJames, Deborah G H
a1211093.jpg.jpg5-Aug-1893His Colonial OathLawson, Henry
a1211025.jpg.jpg22-Dec-1894His Country-After AllLawson, Henry
18-Nov-2009A Histochemichal Study on Condylar Cartilage and Glenoid Fossa during Mandibular AdvancementOwtad, Payam; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-2014Histological study venom gland wasps Apoica thoracica, Acre, Brazil.Rodrigues de Souza, Isisdoris; Magalhaes de Abreu, Rusleyd Maria
1963The histology of mature human dental enamelLester, K. S; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-2014Historical biogeography predicts social complexity in the small carpenter beesRehan, Sandra
Dec-2010An Historical Overview of New Zealand SME Policy, 1978-2008Jurado, Tanya
2008Historical overview of stem rust researchMcIntosh RA
1990History and Industrial RelationsPatmore, Greg
2010History and Social Change in Health and MedicineHooker, C