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Jun-2009Farm worker safety induction - a practical guide for employers. Worker discussion guide.Temperley, John B; Fragar, Lyn J; Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety
24-Aug-2010Farm Worker Safety Induction Employer GuideTemperley, J; Fragar, Lyn J; Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety
6-Feb-2013Farmer-driven innovation in agriculture: creating opportunities for sustainabilityMcKenzie, Fiona Clare
2017Farming in Changing Production Conditions: Agricultural Technology, Climate Change and Adaptation in VietnamNguyen, Duc Kien
Sep-2017Fashioning sustainability: Understanding the dynamic practices of sustainable fashionHeinze, Lisa Marie
26-May-2015Fast and thermal Accelerator Driven Systems: Studies of secondary particle production and transportAsquith, Nicola Louise
17-Jun-2016A Fast Distributed Mechanism For Large-scale Nonconvex Residential Energy Management and CoordinationMhanna, Sleiman
30-Mar-2016Fast Inference for Intractable Likelihood Problems using Variational BayesGunawan, David; Tran, Minh-Ngoc; Kohn, Robert; Discipline of Business Analytics, University of Sydney
Dec-2014Fast motion-including dose error reconstruction for VMAT with and without MLC trackingRakvilde, T; Keall, P; Grau, C; Høyer, M; Poulsen, PR
31-Aug-2016Fast Solution Techniques for Energy Management in Smart HomesKeerthisinghe, Chanaka
Jul-2014Fast spread of a fungal parasite in an invasive supercolonyTragust, Simon; Feldhaar, Heike; Pedersen, Jes Soe
29-Aug-2013Fast trajectory generation and correction for non-holonomic systems exploiting Lie group symmetriesSeiler, Konstantin
Jun-2016Fast versus slow weight loss: development process and rationale behind the dietary interventions for the TEMPO diet trialGibson, AA; Seimon, RV; Franklin, J; Markovic, TP; Byrne, NM; Manson, E; Caterson, ID; Sainsbury, Amanda
15-Mar-2017Faster access to new drugs doesn’t always mean better treatmentGhinea, N; Lipworth, W
FoS034.tif.jpg30-Apr-1962Faster than thought-
Feb-2007Fasting Inhibits the Growth and Reproductive Axes via Distinct Y2 and Y4 Receptor-Mediated PathwaysLin, S; Lin, EJD; Boey, D; Lee, NJ; Slack, K; During, MJ; Herzog, H; Sainsbury, Amanda
Jul-2006Fat Aussie—A New Alström Syndrome Mouse Showing a Critical Role for ALMS1 in Obesity, Diabetes, and SpermatogenesisArsov, T; Silva, DG; O'Bryan, MK; Sainsbury, Amanda; Lee, NJ; Kennedy, C; Manji, SSM; Nelms, K; Liu, C; Vinuesa, CG; de Krester, DM; Goodnow, CC; Petrovsky, N
8-Apr-2013Fat Politics: Collected WritingsLupton, Deborah
11-Sep-2015Fat tails and copulas: limits of diversification revisitedIbragimov, Rustam; Prokhorov, Artem; Mo, Jingyuan; Discipline of Business Analytics, University of Sydney