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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Mar-2016Fluorescent tools for imaging oxidative stress in biologyKaur, Amandeep
27-Mar-2013Fluorescently tagged prostate-specific antigen targeting peptides as models of tumour activated prodrugsDi Marco, Lina
1978Fluoridation For Sri LankaAbayaratna, Siromani; Faculty of Dentistry
1990Fluoride And MalocclusionMylchreest, Robert H. O.; Faculty of Dentistry
11-Jun-2009Fluoride Release From Glass Ionomer CementsTurek, S. V.; Faculty of Dentistry
14-Apr-2014Fluoride release, mechanical properties and biological interaction of a modified denture base materialAlbakri, Isra Abdelkarim Moh'd
1988Fluorides And Root Surface Dental CariesSubrahmanyan, Usha; Faculty of Dentistry
1989Fluorides Used In Non-Fluoridated AreasTenn, Imad El; Faculty of Dentistry
1947Fluorine Intoxication - With Special Reference To Chronic Endemic Dental Fluorosis And Dental CariesMartin, N. D.; Faculty of Dentistry
2-Jul-2015Fluorogenic 1,8-naphthalimide derivatives for the detection of pathogenic bacteriaJin, Terry David
Jun-2014Fluoxetine for Autistic Behaviors (FAB trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial in children and adolescents with autism.Mouti, A; Marraffa, C; Wray, J; Kohn, M; Reddihough, D; Hazell, P; Lee, K
26-Jun-2012Flute Vibrato SynthesisBolster, Liz
29-Sep-2010FLUTRACKING SURVEILLANCE: A comparison of 2007 NSW symptom rates with laboratory confirmed influenza notifications and an examination of factors affecting community receipt of H1N109 vaccinationCarlson, Sandra; Sydney School of Public Health
1978The Fly estuarine delta, Gulf of Papua, Papua New Guinea : a discussion on the genesis, sedimentation and geological evolution of tidal seas, shelves and estuarine deltas with experimentation into the application of microsedimentary techniques to expedite the identification of ancient estuarine delta sandsSpencer, Lynton Keith; Faculty of Science
Jun-2014Flying in the face of nutritional variability: modeling the origins and consequences of phenotypic plasticity using Drosophila melanogasterGray, Lindsey
FoS_089.TIF.jpg27-May-1963The flying machine-
15-Dec-2015Foam Rainbow: where humour, disgust and failure mingle in contemporary artPolkinghorne, Jane Patricia
FocusAmp.jpg.jpg6-Jun-2016The FocusAmp - Multiband Control Over Distortion Based EffectsStephen, Joshua Mark; University Of Sydney; DESC9115: Digital Audio Systems
18-Mar-2013The Fold with The Decline of the Empire: Three Essays and a LetterShapira, Aithan
3-May-2012Folding of dinuclear platinum anticancer complexes within the cavity of para-sulphonatocalix[4]areneBrown, Sarah D.; Plumb, Jane A.; Johnston, Blair F.; Wheate, Nial J.