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Jul-2014Genetic differentiation in populations of Nasutittermes corniger (Isoptera) from BrazilSantos, Amanda; Carrijo, Tiago; Cancello, Eliana; Correa e Castro, Adriana
2008Genetic dissection of agronomically important traits in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) using a chromosome 3A specific RICL populationRustgi S; Shafqat MN; Ali ML; Dweikat I; Baenziger PS; Gill KS
2008"Genetic diversity and genetic analysis of the trait ""leaf hairiness"" in bread wheat "Aleshina Teu; Pshenichnikova TA; Shchukina LV
2008Genetic diversity and population structure analysis among Indian bread wheat cultivarsBalyan HS; Gupta PK; Mir RR; Kumar J
Jul-2014Genetic diversity in a honeybee colony influences the behavioral performanceGempe, Tanja; Stach, Silke; Bienefeld, Kaspar; Beye, Martin
31-Mar-2011Genetic Diversity in Wheat: Analysis using Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) in bread and durum wheatsThomson, Brent Robert
2008Genetic diversity of hexaploid wheat and three Aegilops species using microsatellite markersNaghavi MR; Aghaei MJ; Taleei AR; Omidi M; Hassani ME
Nov-2007Genetic Effects on Bone Loss in Peri- and Postmenopausal Women: A Longitudinal Twin StudyMakovey, Joanna; Nguyen, Tuan V; Naganathan, Vasi; Wark, John D; Sambrook, Philip
2013Genetic enclosures in agriculture: Are farmers becoming propertied workers?Parfitt, Claire
Jul-2014Genetic evidence for multiple invasions of subterranean termites into CanadaThompson, Graham
28-Mar-2013Genetic improvement of Atlantic salmon in TasmaniaDo, Anna Anh Chi
28-Mar-2013Genetic improvement of grain quality for bread making in triticalePattison, Angela Lee
2008Genetic improvement of wheat for dry environments - a trait based approachRichards, RA; Rebetzke, GJ; Condon, AG; Watt, M; Spielmeyer, W; Ellis, MH; Bonnett, DG; Dolferus, Rudy
24-Aug-2016Genetic Limitations of Fuel Utilisation and Aerobic Exercise CapacityJayewardene, Avindra Felix
2008Genetic map of wheat chromosome 3BS including SV2; an adult plant leaf rust resistance geneIngala L; Diéguez MJ; Pergolesi F; López M; Paux E; Feuillet, C; Sacco F
Nov-2008Genetic mapping of noodle quality characters and rust resistance in hexaploid wheatSadeque, Abdus
2008Genetic mapping of Vrn-D4 gene in hexaploid wheatYoshida, T; Nishida, H; Distelfeld, A; Dubcovsky, J; Kato, K
18-Mar-2009Genetic Markers in Long-Term Survivors of Glioblastoma MultiformeShaw, Jan; School of Public Health
2008Genetic mechanisms involved in late maturity alpha-amylase in wheatMrva K; Mares DJ; Cheong J
13-Oct-2008Genetic methods for Rapid Detection of Medically Important Nosocomial BacteraThomas, Lee