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Jul-2014Gene co-citation networks associated with worker sterility in honey beesMullen, Emma; Thompson, Graham
23-Jan-2015Gene discovery and functional studies of mitochondrial respiratory chain disordersMenezes, Minal Juliet
2008Gene discovery in recombinant doubled haploid populations for breeding wheat resistance against aphidsCastro AM; Tocho EF; Tacaliti MS; Vasicek A; Giménez DO; Börner A; Snape JW
4-Dec-2015Gene editing could open up animal organ transplants into humansFung, R; Kerridge, I; VELiM
Jul-2014Gene expression analysis of somatic maintenance in ants.Lucas, Eric; Riba-Grognuz, Oksana; Corona, Miguel; Wurm, Yannick; Keller, Laurent
2008Gene expression of plant defence pathways using Lr1 transgenic lines and the Affymetrix Wheat ChipCloutier S; Wang Z; Banks TW; Jordan MC; McCallum BD
2008Gene expression profiles of hybrid necrosis in synthetic hexaploid wheatMizuno K; Takumi S
2006Gene Expression Profiling Of Two Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Lines Compared With Normal Oral Epithelium, Using Cdna MicroarrayYeoh, Sue-Ching; Faculty of Dentistry
Jul-2014Gene expressions for the sexually-dimorphic antennae in a ponerine antSasa, Chifune; Miyazaki, Satoshi; Higashi, Seigo; Miura, Toru
1970General Anaesthesia And Sedation For Dental ProceduresGrainger, James K.; Faculty of Dentistry
1995General Anaesthesia For Child Dental Patients At Westmead HospitalBush, Paul; Faculty of Dentistry
1996General Anaesthesia For Handicapped Patients Of The Community Dental Health Unit At Westmead Hospital 1986-1995Ogawa, Hiroshi; Faculty of Dentistry
2000General analysis of pile foundations and application to defective pilesXu, Kenneth J
2008General disease resistance loci against biotrophic pathogens in wheatLillemo M; Asalf B; Singh RP; Huerta-Espino J; Chen XM; He ZH; Brown JKM; Bjørnstad Å
cosmedoc13-1.tif.jpg30-Jun-2008General information about Cosme Co-operative Colony, Paraguay-
31-Aug-2015General Method for Predicting Soil Data Via Pattern Matching on Pedotransfer FunctionsMorris, Jason Charles
Jul-1996A General Model of Derived Demand Linkages in a Dual Economy: Some Structural ImplicationsDutta, Dilip; Department of Economics
2011General practice activity in Australia 2010-11Britt, Helena; Miller, Graeme C; Charles, Jan; Henderson, Joan; Bayram, Clare; Valenti, Lisa; Harrison, Christopher; Pan, Ying; Zhang, Carmen; Fahridin, Salma; O'Halloran, Julie
27-Nov-2012General practice activity in Australia 2011–12Britt, Helena; Miller, Graeme C; Henderson, Joan; Charles, Janice; Valenti, Lisa; Harrison, Christopher; Bayram, Clare; Zhang, Carmen; Pollack, Allan J; O'Halloran, Julie; Pan, Ying