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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013FROM CHARACTER TO CLOTH: Analysing Costume Design on ScreenLynch, Julie
2013From coexistence to interaction: influences between the virtual and the real in augmented reality.Schraffenberger, Hanna; Van der Heide, Edwin
2008From cytogenetic to molecular approach and backwards: investigations of grain quality in bread wheatErmakova MF; Pshenichnikova TA; Chistyakova AK; Shchukina LV; Osipova SV; Röder M; Börner A
19-Sep-2016From Divine Possession to Recollection: Ἐνθουσιασμός in PlatoSaw, Lacey Hui Ping
30-Aug-2005From foetus to full term - without a mother's touchNewson, A.J.
2005From footnotes to narrative : Welsh noblewomen in the thirteenth centuryRichards, Gwenyth
1987From ghetto to crusade : a study of the social and political thought of Catholic opinion-makers in Sydney during the 1930sDuncan, Bruce Frederick
2005From God to Marx: (Meta)Physicalities in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small ThingsRofail, Lydia Saleh
2013From interactivity to playabilityLeino, Olli Tapio
Jan-2017From KAPTUR to VADS4R: Exploring Research Data Management in the Visual ArtsBurgess, Robin
FoS_092.TIF.jpg17-Jun-1963From laser to death ray-
2001From Lunchroom to Boardroom: An Audio Digitisation ProjectHorn, Anne; Fagg, Michael
2013From Maker to Museum: Fibre skirts from Central Province, PNGLilje, Erna
Dec-2000From miscegenation to assimilation: rationalities of child removal in Australian colonial administrationWatson, Virginia; van Krieken, Robert
2008From missionary to frontier scholar : an introduction to Carl Strehlow's masterpiece, Die Aranda- and Loritja-Stämme in Zentral-Australien (1901-1909)Kenny, Anna.; Philosophy to the Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Arts
2013From National Allegory to Sentimental Fabulations: Gender, Affect and the Representation of Chinese Migration to the United States in the Post-Tiananmen EraMiao, Wei
1999From neglected to protected? : child welfare in New South Wales, 1945-1988Wilkinson, Marie
21-Oct-2008From Organisational Behaviour to Industrial Network Evolutions: Stimulating Sustainable Development of Bioenergy Networks in Emerging EconomiesKempener, Rudolf T. M